Looking for Holiday Gift Ideas – Here’s One From Lynn

If you have a heart for animals, one of the most heart-warming options for helping to preserve Africa’s wildlife heritage lies with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, more commonly known as the “Elephant Orphanage”.

Based in Nairobi, the trust not only rescues and rehabilitates baby elephants (absolutely the cutest little things you have EVER seen) and other wildlife but they have a mobile veterinarian vehicle that treats animals injured by snares, an anti poaching unit and an outreach service that provides medical and educational services to nearby villages.

You may have seen the “orphanage” featured on animal planet. It is a wonderful organization established by a most remarkable woman, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, to honor the memory of her husband David. Read her remarkable bio and all about the Trust at: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/index.asp

With children often losing interest in a gift not too long after the wrapping has been thrown away, letting your child or grandchild visit the website and choose an “orphan” that they wish to “sponsor” makes for an unusual and inspiring holiday or birthday gift. For a nominal donation of $50, a newsletter will be sent to your preferred email address once a month updating you on the progress of your adopted “orphan” and including photographs that are bound to warm your heart.

And for families traveling on safari, in addition to our Junior Game Ranger Program, this is another way to engage your child/children in the excitement and pleasure of your upcoming trip.

Here’s the links to the Trust and I hope you enjoy the photos which I took when visiting the Trust.  I’ve been a sponsor for some years now and have proudly watched several of “my eles” blossom from distraught and injured infant calves to healthy, confident teenagers who are happily back in the wilds of Tsavo National Park.

With park revenue in Kenya suffering due to the wave of crime and resulting decline in tourist revenue, poaching is unfortunately again rife. Your sponsorship can help…and you might just fall in love. I did!



Dinner Time...



Apparently fingers taste good too...



Baby Makena

One Response to Looking for Holiday Gift Ideas – Here’s One From Lynn

  1. Alejandra Mugica says:

    We visited last July. We of course adopted the smallest of them all named Mumbushi, sadly he died a few months later due to teething and infection. People there do a wonderful job and I hope more of us can adopt one of these precious creatures so hopfully some day will return to the wild. Great gift.
    Thanks Lynn!!

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