What do we do in an emergency? That is a question that I get asked on a regular basis.

We provide each booked client with an emergency contact list of our key staff in USA and also in Tanzania. We recommend you leave a copy of it at home with your loved ones IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!! We try to have everything covered and will take care of you and your loved ones whether or not they are on safari or still at home in USA

So this is how it really works.

Early one morning, I received a call from one of my colleagues, who had determined that a husband of a client of mine has an emergency at home, of unknown nature. It was up to me as their safari booking agent, to call him back and determine the nature of the emergency
“Hi Buster this is Sharon with ADS and I am the one who is in charge of your wife’s safari booking. I understand you have an emergency and I am calling to find out what the nature of your emergency is before I contact her at Kusini Camp, which is where she is right now”

“I am 3 minutes away from the emergency room and I am having a heart attack and I wanted to tell my wife I love her in case I do not make it”

I said let me pray for you Buster”God please be with Buster in this hour of his need may he feel your comforting arms surrounding him may he feel the wings of your angels protecting him, Lift him up God and heal him now, in Jesus name, may he be at peace knowing you are in control Lord and YOU will never leave him as you promised to be with us always. Lord, give the doctors and nurses wisdom when they see him at the hospital, that they will know what treatment he needs. In Jesus name Amen:” Buster I have to tell you that I know your wife would say “I love you too Buster” I made him promise to call me and keep me informed and I told him I would contact his wife in the meantime.

I cried and prayed!! And called my boss to let him know the nature of the EMEREGEMCY!!! It was now up to him to contact Kusini and have Busters wife call me for details. I prayed and called all my prayer warriors to pray for Buster. I did not want to deliver any bad news to his wife.

30 minutes passed and I saw Busters number come up on my phone, but it was the nurse saying they were checking Buster in to the hospital and told me the name of the hospital and the doctor’s name. I thanked her and asked that she continue to keep me informed. I told her to let Buster know we were calling Kusini to get in touch with his wife and not to worry.

30 minutes passed Busters number showed up again “HI Sharon its Buster here, have you gotten in touch with my wife? The doctor says he wants to operate and I just wanted to talk to her before he does”.

“We are trying but I know time is of the essence when it comes to these things and I believe it is important to let the doctor proceed as soon as possible with what he needs to do. “I hear buster asking the doctor for 30 more minutes) I then say
“Buster, realistically I will not hear from your wife until later today, as it is past midnight now at Kusini and everyone must be in bed and it is now apparent that no one is listening for the satellite phone and they will probably not get the message until they wake up at 5 or 6 am., a few hours from now. So just know that God is with you and guiding the doctors and you will be in Gods care and there is no better place to be, your wife loves you and knows you love her Buster may I please speak with the doctor and I am going to pray for him too”. “Hi Doctor I told Buster time was of the essence and he should let you operate as soon as possible & I told him I’d pray for you as well” “Dear Lord God give the doctor guidance and wisdom while he is operating on Buster and taking care of him show him what needs to be done and how to do it and we pray for Busters full and speedy recovery in Jesus name amen.”

“Please keep me posted Dr we are still trying to get in touch with his wife but probably will not hear for a few hours.” Dr said had called me in about 2-3 hours once surgery was over.
I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. And yes I did shed a few tears as well.

One Hour 1/2 later the phone rang – buster’s number – it was Buster- AMENA “ I made it Praise God thanks for being there “ I said Amen it’s a miracle “ he said yes I know” Praise the Lord” I then asked Buster to please continue to keep me posted

A few hours later Busters number = this time Busters brother in law told me “ the doctor cut him open was in for 13 minutes found no damage and no blockage- Sewed him up – declared all pipes and pumps all clear and working well” I said Amena it’s a miracle and he said “that’s is what Buster said as well’

AMEENA!! Please do not underestimate the power of prayer!!

So Busters wife called at 7:51pm PST and I was able to give her the good news that her husband had been in and was now out of surgery and he had a miracle as there was no damage at all no blockage, no bypass surgery, all is well and Buster loves you!! As I relayed the story- she thanked me for praying for Buster – she said that would have been all she could have done. I said” It was all I knew to do!!”

So Buster and I now have this thing a special connection- I was there when he was in need and I am so thankful that I was.

He called me the other day to see how I was and I said more importantly “How are you” He told me he was still doing great and thanked me again for being “the calm in his storm” I said I was so happy to know that I was there for him and that I can be there for others if the need be –after all, I am just a tool – God is the one who does the work”

Let’s just say this is not quite a typical day in the life of a safari sales person!!!!!

But it goes without saying “never a dull moment in the life of a safari sales person”

Many Blessings

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