The Lion Lady – Live from the Bush – Oct 9, 2011

AHHHHH!! On our way from Bilila to Grumeti Game Reserve we saw a few large herds of wildebeest, impala, baboons & giraffe. Just past the Ikoma gate our driver from Grumeti game reserve was waiting for us. We did our transfer and said a very fond “see you later” to our ADS guide. We were quite anxious to get to our Camp Sabora as it is in a lovely remote setting and we were looking forward to just relaxing in such serenity.

More giraffe, huge herd of Topi (at least 500), small herds of Thomson gazelles, 4 kinds of vultures & marabou stork were spotted before we came across 2 cheetah brothers. They had just finished their kill and were resting under a tree. In the Grumeti Game Reserve, since it is privately owned, you can drive right up close to the animals. The cheetahs were about 20 ft away from us and we spent about 25 minutes admiring them. Secretary bird, warthogs, hyena, ostrich, grants gazelle and more giraffes, before we could see our camp in the distance from our hilltop vantage point.

It was so lovely as the grass had all turned green from the previous rains and many animals could be seen grazing in front of the camp. As we checked in and had our lunch, zebra were lounging close by, cape buffalo strolling through the path ways between the tents and I felt like I was in heaven!!! A lunch of goat cheese, beets, basil & honey (starter) and believe it or not, a hamburger and French fries were perfect.

I took pictures of the pool, the exercise room, the spa, the library, dining tent, and my room. You will have to wait until I return to the office, for the pictures as the internet is very slow (not a complaint. as I remember the days, not so long ago that having access to the internet in the bush was a far off concept here!!)

A late afternoon game drive from 5-6:30 produced sightings of Ostrich, 2 jackals, zebra and a breeding herd of cape buffalo of more than 260, small groups of about 25 wildebeest, topi, hyenas, guinea fowl, impala, baboon, topi and reedbuck and a white headed buffalo weaver. We then spotted a mating pair of lions (yes we saw them mating) and 3 more lioness and another beautiful male lion were our treat, as we had our sundowners while the sun set!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! What a perfect way to end a perfect day!!!

Dinner was rosemary bread, cream of corn soup, fried calamari and lamb shank!! Cream Brule wrapped in a pulled sugar nest was the best presentation ever and tasted just as good!!!

I went to my tent at 10:30 and called a few friends (calls included here!!!) and could not believe all of the night sounds of buffalo, hyena, zebra and wildebeest just right outside my tent!! I kept trying to peek out and see them and there was an almost full moon so lots of moonlight, but they managed to allude me. I finally fell asleep about 3:00am and slept soundly until the sunrise, what a lovely way to awaken.

I just had the chef’s special omelet of bacon, mushroom, cheese and spinach with hot toast and fresh marmalade and local hot tea!!! While having breakfast zebra, wildebeest, ostrich and buffalo are grazing out on the lush green plains. I am staying in today and enjoying the nice bathtub, having a massage, pedicure and manicure and lounging around the pool!! AHHHHHH – I love Tanzania, it is always the same in many good ways but every day, all day long, new adventures are happening all around you!!! This may be my last post until I return officially to my USA office on Oct 15th. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!!

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