The Lion Lady – Live from the Bush – Oct 5, 2011

We left Bushtops yesterday and headed south towards Migration Camp. Right away we came across 4 lions, 9 elephants, girraffe, buffalo, warthogs and thomson gazell. By 11 am we were at a cheetah which was beautiful. Many Eland, Klipspringer and banded mongoose were also spotted. Two more cheetah, 6 more lions, hartebeest, ostrich and hippos rounded out our game drive. We arrived at Migration camp just before the sky opened up and we had a heavy rain shower and lightning which was a wonderful way to end the day. It is so amazing at how green everything is when it is supposed to be the DRY season and everything is supposed to be dry and dusty.

This morning we were pleased to be greeted by a genet cat in the lobby right before our early morning departure for game drive. Right away we spotted 2 big male lions moving quickly as they were searching for an apparent intruder into their teritory. About 50 feet from the car the lead male started roaring from the depths of his soul….the sound filled every crevice of my body and soul and will remain in my memory forever. You could see his breath as he expelled every roar, trying to be convincing to the intruder, that the territory belonged to him and the intruder should go away!!! It was more amazing than what I could have imagined!! Had our game drive ended at that point it was more than enough. We continued on the lobo game loop for a while and saw 11 more lions, elephants, cape buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, reedbuck, baboon, waterbuck, dik dik, and many birds and other wildlife as well. Back to the lodge for lunch, bush update and some relaxation.  Another thunder storm can be heard in the not so far distance and soon we will be treated to another light show from nature!!! Tomorrow we head to Bilila in the Central Serengeti. Enjoy!!!


One Response to The Lion Lady – Live from the Bush – Oct 5, 2011

  1. Bill says:

    Wow, I can even see the Lion’s breath on this photo, must have been a little cool & damp, Super Pic! Also noticed that his ribs are showing, he maybe getting ready for a big meal.:)
    Looks like we will be able to leave our bandanas in the suitcase, at least for the first week up in the Northern Corridor.
    Thanks for the “Live” report Sharon, Enjoy your Safari.
    15 days and counting……….

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