The Most Breathtaking and Thrilling Experience

My husband and I have traveled all over the world both separately and together and our safari through Africa Dream Safaris was by far the most breathtaking and thrilling experience. As you know, we planned the safari 1 year prior and while we got excited to read about other ADS client’s safaris we were anxiously awaiting our chance to make our memories.

After all the anticipation and dreams of Africa, we realized shortly after arriving that everything we envisioned was going to be surpassed. From the second we stepped off the plane in Kilimanjaro to the time we left mainland Tanzania our trip was carefully planned, well thought out and not a detail was missing.

Our guide was the best! He was warm, knowledgeable and had a keen sense of where the animals were headed. We were continually impressed by his ability to navigate the extreme terrain and spot animals all while being in engaged in a conversation with us. We were in awe of the animals and the ever changing landscape. Our encounters with the wildlife were so close that we could hear them eat and breathe and that is something we will cherish and long to hear again.

Our accommodations throughout were unrivaled in service, detail, comfort and natural beauty. The feeling that comes with waking up and seeing zebra and wildebeest grazing near your tent is one that must be experienced because the description will fall short. How do we explain what it’s like to have two male lions roaring at each other for territory outside our tent or what it’s like to flash your light outside and see two cape buffalo staring back at you? How do you describe what it’s like to sip on a beverage while looking out into the bush and in one view see elephants, zebra, antelope, vervet monkeys and waterbuck? Our encounters and experiences are too many to list in a simple email but hopefully we have conveyed the pure joy that we felt and our deep gratitude for the experience.

Africa has a scent, fresh and crisp but at times combined with the smell of red earth and animal musk, other times combined with dung and spice, earth real and raw.

We long to delight our senses in Africa again.

Asante Sana,

Karina & David Reuter
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 2011

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  1. Lois Hayman-El says:

    Wow! Congratualations. Best wishes to both of you.

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