The Lion Lady’s – Experience

The Ultimate Africa Dream Safari to Tanzania: The Lion Lady® will plan and design your own Custom Private Safari for you and your family or friends. Tailored specifically for your interests, I will use my extensive background and experience to customize YOUR Perfect, ULTIMATE Africa Dream Safari to Tanzania!

Why should you consider having me, The Lion Lady® plan your safari?
As Vice President of Sales & a Sales Consultant, I am a valued member of the Africa Dream Safaris team. My trips include extensive research safaris, humanitarian missions and leading special interest groups.

My first time to Africa was in 1996, to fulfill a “once in a lifetime” dream.  My dream turned into a life-long passion for Tanzania’s wildlife, the captivating beauty, peace and inspiration I found on the Serengeti Plains. I have returned to Africa several times each year since 1996, now well over 50 times, most of which were custom safaris specifically in Tanzania, spent 3 months in one year and as many as four personal /professional trips in a six month period of time.

I have been very active with safaris & mission trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Swaziland, Malawi, Cape Verde Islands, Gore Island, South Africa, The Gambia, Senegal, Botswana, Victoria Falls and Zambia

I have traveled several times with the United Nations to Refugee Camps and Internally Displaced Camps as a peace advocate for the less fortunate, documenting the refugee camp in Kakuma in northern Kenya where all of the refugees from Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Congolese, Sudanese and Somalia’s enter the country for safety. I personally have been in the war zone several times in Gulu, northern Uganda also as a peace advocate, helping refugees and internally displaced people. I have first -hand knowledge and experience, keeping current and up to date regarding the political climate and happenings in those countries as well. I am also involved with The JESUS Film Project and have visited my World Vision Sponsor children in Gulu, Uganda, several times.

With over 35 years in the hospitality industry, including working for a high end luxury resort destination hotelier on the east coast, I gained priceless in-depth experience that I use now, to satisfy all of my safari clients needs. I have an in-depth background in hotel management, hotel design, remodeling, renovations, and customer service and customer satisfaction. This comes in particularly useful when I personally visit and inspect all of the properties we recommend. I see first -hand new properties, make sure that the other properties are still well maintained, see what changes have been made, properties renovated, scheduled future upgrades and to insure that the quality of service, food and hospitality is continuing to be of those standards that we expect. I also evaluate the level of service that we offer, our fleet of stretch land rovers, vehicle maintenance, all of our staff and expert guides, making sure that we continue to provide everything essential to making your safari a wonderful experience that will exceed your expectations.

As a Specialized Safari Guide, I focus on the Predators of the Serengeti, with a specialized emphasis on the Leopards. I am called Mama Simba (The Lion Lady) and Mama Chui (The Leopard Lady) in Tanzania, recognized, known by and have personal relationships with many guides, managers and staff from many tour companies, lodges and camps. I am also a world renowned African Wildlife and African Cultural Photographer. I have done slide show presentations to people from all around the world for several consecutive years, have had many professional one person exhibits and had 50- 20×30 and 30×50 photographs on exhibit at The Oakland Zoo (January 2007-April 2007). I also taught a course at the local college titled “Everything You Need to Know before You Go on Safari”.

I utilize all of my unique expertise; insight and passion, as I share Africa’s special qualities with other people, by helping them plan, LIVE and fulfill their own dream safari. I love what I do and would do it whether I got paid or not.

It is not about making the sale; it’s not about me making money. It is about sharing a passion for a country and its people who I love, admire and respect and I want you to as well. I do not promise what I cannot deliver and I am not here to twist your arm to get you to come on safari with me or to have me plan your safari regardless of whether it is a good fit or not.

It is about believing and knowing, what I can do and what Africa Dream Safaris can do for you and whether or not, what we have to offer, will fulfill all of your dreams and desires for your Tanzania dream safari experience.

With all of this being said, I am looking forward to hearing from you and continuing to refine your safari plans to fit every need and desire you have. I know that you will enjoy and cherish your safari memories as much as I have mine and I can deliver your Africa Dream Safari that will exceed your expectations.

Sharon Lyon – AKA The Lion Lady

Africa Dream Safaris – V.P. Sales

Direct Toll Free – 800-987-0809

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  1. Pamela Bole says:

    Hi! I was in touch a year or so ago…..starting to look at Safaris. And in my passion….I have now recruited dear friends (another couple)who also want to join us on our Safari (will be a total of 4 adults). Could I please receive one of the new ADS Handbooks that were just published? We are still all talking….but I think we are looking at the first 2 weeks of October. Once we finalize (don’t want to waste you time), I will be in touch to get a quote. I look forward to each newsletter ADS sends out each month….it makes me so excited to make my dream a reality. Thank you!!!!
    Pamela Bole
    1109 Foxhurst Way
    San Jose, CA 95120

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