The Lion Lady Introduction

Years ago I went to Africa to fulfill a once in a lifetime dream. I have not fulfilled that dream. I was captured by the spirit of Africa, the soul of Africa. My soul caught on fire and Africa is now my passion. Many times I have gone to Africa, only to leave before I’m ready. I thought that my thirst to be amongst the animals would be quenched, but I am more thirsty than ever.
When I am in the bush with the animals, I am one with them. I am one of them. Each time an animal looks into my lens, I see into their soul, connect with their spirit, I become a part of them and they become a part of me. They are my energy, my inspiration, my passion, and the fire that ignites my spirit and soul. My song is of Africa, The Serengeti, and the animals that are free to roam “the endless plains”. I realize that I, again, have left another part of me in the Serengeti and now I call the Serengeti “my home”, too.
Every year my desire to return to Africa has increased. It has become a passion, a need, something I must do. If I had to sell everything so I could go, I would. I used to believe, that going to Africa was,” a once in a lifetime dream”.
As seemingly insignificant moments in my life all come together, and I step back and look at the big picture, I see that, I was born to become, and now am, The Lion Lady®. I now recognize that there has been the yearning, the passion, the dream, through out my life. I now realize that it always was much bigger than I ever thought or that I could ever comprehend. I feel energized and fully alive when I think and talk about Africa. Africa is my calling.
In Africa, they call me mama simba, the lion lady. Not just because I am a female and my last name is Lyon, but because, I am an African Wildlife Photographer & I am The Lion Lady®.

Let the fire of your soul become the light of your path!!!

5 Responses to The Lion Lady Introduction

  1. Scott Kasden says:

    I went last March. I am going again next August. I totally get it.

  2. Patricia Lyman says:

    My family and I traveled to Tanzania 3 summers ago…I miss it a lot…I would leave again tonight if someone handed me a ticket. It is a magical, romantic, awesome place!

  3. Ginger says:

    We will travel to Tanzania for the first time next September and I can hardly wait. I pour over the pictures others have taken of both the animals and the beautiful smiles of the people. I consider his visit a real blessing to be able to take. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cindee Thompson says:

    Sharon–I remember the day you answered my first email message inquiring about our planned safari. Even in your brief and efficient reply to our questions, your love of Africa and the joy you experience helping others plan their adventure came through loud and clear. Thank you for sharing your passion with so many. You are a wonderful representative for Africa Dream Safaris!

  5. Alejandra Mugica says:

    I know the feeling, ever since I came back from my first time in Africa, this August every day I think about the day when (not if) I´ll be back to the animal, and the amazing scenery I was fortunate enough to see. The only way to protect something is to be passionate about it. If we spread our passion more people will join in.
    Thanks for sharing!

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