Quote of the Week: Patti and Joel Velasco

From the time we contacted Africa Dream Safaris to the time we boarded the plane for home in Kilimanjaro, we were treated like royalty. Our safari was one of the most amazing trips we have ever been on. ADS made our 20 year anniversary a special event!

Our guide was incredible with the most amazing eyesight! He worked tirelessly to find the animals, interesting places to see, and was totally flexible to what we wanted to see and do. He was not only knowledgeable about the animals but also the environment and history of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.. We started our days at 6:00 so we could take advantage of the movement of the animals and experience the spectacular sunrise over the Serengeti. We had breakfast and lunch in some of the most beautiful locations. Our favorite had to be breakfast in the middle of the wildebeest and zebra migration. Nothing like sitting at the table, drinking coffee, and watching the animals stroll close by!!

One of our favorite animals was the lions. Taking the advice of our guide, our patience paid off and we were lucky enough to see two kills. It was unbelievable watching 4 female lions and 6 young cubs eating their breakfast!. Afterwards, we could not believe that the cubs and two females decided to use our Land Rover for shade. Imagine having lions walk by the vehicle and crawl under to get out of the sun!!

Cheetahs and Leopards were on our list to see and we were not disappointed. Our guide was able to spot these animals when we could not see anything. The thrill of having a cheetah and a leopard pose for us to take pictures was incredible. Being up close to these elusive animals was beyond imagination.

Our lodges were fantastic, unique and the staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. From drinks by the pool watching the sun set to special desserts and songs for our anniversary, they made this an incredible experience. Management at all but one of the lodges stopped to speak to us personally and ensure our expectations were met! We even met other Americans and people from all over the world and had a terrific time discussing our daily adventures!

Everyone who sees our pictures is amazed. Our guide was wonderful at maneuvering the Land Rover and suggesting angles so that we captured the best shots.

We had a chance to compare other safari companies during our excursion and were overjoyed that we chose ADS for our first trip to Tanzania. We cannot say thank you enough for providing a trip that far exceeded our expectations and resulted in wonderful everlasting memories.

Patti and Joel Velasco
April 2011

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