Quote of the Week: Jake and Katie Schneider

We had a wonderful time on our Safari. Everyone involved with ADS was very helpful and attentive. The camps we stayed in were spectacular. While the permanent tented camp at Mbuzi Mawe was spectacular, we especially enjoyed the Lemala mobile tented camps we stayed in which were comfortable and unspoiled. The Lemala staff went out of their way to insure we had everything we could possibly need. We met likeminded people from all over the world at our common dinner table each night. The opportunity to discuss the day’s safari adventures as well as world events was one of many special surprises.

Our driver was very experienced and was also a very interesting and informative man. He knew almost everything about the wildlife we saw and was extremely accommodating to our every request. Our ample boxed breakfasts and lunches were enjoyed each day in some of the most beautiful spots we had ever seen.

We chose to awake every morning at 5:30am so that we could witness the beautiful Serengeti sunrise each day. The morning was always full of surprises with great amounts of animal activity. All our expectations were met as far as the quantity and variety of the wildlife we saw. We very much wanted to see a wildebeest calf being born and, after only one failed attempt, the next morning we were rewarded with an viewing experience we will always remember. That little calf and his mother were both up and walking with the herd in only 5 minutes time. Amazing!

Thanks to everyone at ADS for setting up this wonderful trip which we will long cherish and remember.

Jake and Katie Schneider
January 2011

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