Quote of the Week: Bob and Arlene Levitt, Marc and Beth Zweig

We were extremely happy that we chose ADS, and it all started with you [our ADS rep]. Your diligence in communications and working to insure our satisfaction came through. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Arusha, we were met by the ADS greeting group and needed to do no more for our entire stay. Every facet of the trip was taken care of as promised.

Our guide was fabulous, in that no request of ours was rejected. He had a game plan for each day, but any modifications suggested by us was readily accepted. He was knowledgeable, patient, and personable. Our first day we came upon the Wildebeest attempting to cross the Mara River, but they did not do so at the point expected. Each time the Wildebeest moved downstream, [our guide] moved to a location he felt could be a crossing point. We did this four or five times, until the hoped for crossing happened. Not only did he have us placed in a great position, but Wildebeest re-entered within 10 feet on both sides of our vehicle. I can’t describe the feeling we all had, but elation is not strong enough.

There was another instance in the Ngorongoro Crater where we came upon a pride of 2 adult female lions with 4 lion cubs. We were all by ourselves with no other vehicles around. We spent one hour following the pride, and each time they moved our guide repositioned us to be within the best visibility. At most times they were within feet of the vehicle, and the feeling we had was indescribable. Our guide made sure that the lions were comfortable with us, and that they would not scamper off.


The accommodations met and exceeded our expectations. The staff in each and every lodge and tented camps were courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful. Our special thanks to Nikki at Buffalo Springs Luxury Camp who made us feel like we had known her for years, and that we were in her private home.

Arlene and I, as well as Beth and Marc thank you for making this an extremely enjoyable journey, and we are pleased to offer our recommendation for Africa Dream Safaris.”

Bob and Arlene Levitt, Marc and Beth Zweig
September 2010


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