Quote of the Week: Julie Wolfswinkel

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I’ve been absorbing the whole experience of the safari since I’ve arrived back in the states. It was almost surreal for me. I’ve spent hours looking at the photos I captured and then to realize I have some amazing pictures of the African wildlife. This was a dream come true for me. Sawa Sawa! I’ve tried planning this trip with others and for one reason or another they never came to be.

When I finally decided to book my safari, I was planning to travel alone. As I always say, don’t wait on someone else to make your dream come true. So I looked on the Internet and found Africa Dream Safaris! I searched their website and found they offered what I was looking for; a private vehicle with a driver/guide. I did not want to be on a bus with a group of people that had different interests than mine.

My guide in the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater was incredible. He really made special efforts to find the animals I wanted to see and never rushed me to leave. In fact one afternoon, we drove around some Kopjes with a pride of lion over an hour. No other vehicles were around so we pulled forward, then backed up, drove back around ….all to capture the perfect pictures. Amazing moments for 6 days!

The campsites were great. There is no doubt you are camping in the bush, but with all of the amenities, cocktails, incredible meals, short but welcomed hot showers, flushing toilet and a hot water bottle in your turned down bed, made camping a luxury.

Sitting around a campfire after a long days safari drive, with cocktails in hand, you have an opportunity to meet the other guests, from other parts of the world, that have chosen to stay at the same [lodge] as I had for a night or two. Talking up the day’s activities and sightings. Dinner was served family style. By the end of the day you were ready for a great meal before retiring for the evening, for the next morning was yet another adventure.

Seeing the leopards, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and other wildlife, the incredible meals and the company of other guests made for a rainbow of a day.

Africa Dream Safaris made my life long #1 bucketlist come true! I would like to recommend any single female use ADS for their safari dreams! Thank you for making my dream come true! I’ll have my very own ‘Coffee Table Book’ filled with incredible pictures I captured on my safari! Safari Njema!!!

Julie Wolfswinkel
December 2009

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