June 24, 2009

Several of our driver guides reported in today with exciting news on the wildebeest migration. Enormous herds of wildebeest along with some smaller herds of zebra have flooded onto the Musabi Plains in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti. The Musabi plains have been unusually quiet during this year’s northward migration season. These plains are typically packed full of all 3 migratory species (wildebeest, zebra and Thomson’s gazelle) throughout May and June but this year’s unusual rainfall pattern has really disrupted the typical migratory routes. We also continue to receive reports of large groups of wildebeest being spotted in the Northern Serengeti and specifically in the Lobo River Valley. We are eagerly anticipating the first wave of wildebeest to begin crossing the Mara River in the far reaches of the Northern Serengeti of the great African Safaris. And, no doubt the Mara River crocs share the same sentiment. All of us here at African Dream Safaris are looking forward to our July trips and the beginning of the core of the dry season as the northward migration season is now coming to a close.

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