Quote of the Week: Rene Townsend

Our family + plus two adoptees just returned from Tanzania & Zanzibar. We knew it would be great – but this was beyond great! We literally saw everything – including 4 different leopards in one day, and a cheetah mom with 3 babies and two “captures and lunches” within an hour. Every arrangement – from airport transports to lodges – was perfect. Our guide absolutely was the best; informative, personable, humorous, caring….well, I could go on and on. We remain in awe of his ability to drive any terrain AND spot animals that we had a hard time seeing with binoculars! He took us as close to every animal or bird as was safe and respectful of them. I’ve already told many people that if they are going to Tanzania, they have to use African Dream Safaris! Thanks for a great trip and years of wonderful memories.

Rene Townsend
February 2009

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