Quote of the Week: Ann Eilert

How can one do justice to such a trip by summarizing in a paragraph or two the genuine warmth and kindness of the Tanzanian people, the amazing beauty of the richly filled woodlands, the expanse of the seemingly endless grassy plane, or the raw beauty of nature as it takes its sometimes cruel, often uplifting, but ever inspiring course in the lives of the animals that thrive there? I knew visiting such a place as Tanzania would be a rich and rewarding experience even before we went, but today I am simply in awe of the amazingly spectacular sights, sounds, and deeply rooted emotions that we experienced. […]

Having now lived overseas as an educator for nearly 20 years, and having traveled extensively in Europe, as well as throughout parts of Asia, Africa (Egypt & Kenya), and New Zealand, I definitely expected this trip to be “pretty great” – but I can now say in all honesty and without any reservation that this trip by far exceeded any travel experience I have ever had in the past– bar none! It really was a dream-come-true. Thank you, ADS, for taking all of us on a true “trip of a lifetime!” I, for one, cannot thank you enough!

Ann Eilert
August 2008

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