National Geographic Moments from our 30th Anniversary and 4th safari with ADS

Our trip started quietly with a visit to the School of St. Jude to be with one of our two sponsored students, a charity that ADS encourages. Very proud of Henry. And then a special Anniversary moonlight dinner at the Arusha Coffee Lodge.

While the previous 3 safaris were outstanding, this one was exceptional with multiple unique happenings in just 4 days. Our trip was focused on two goals…the first being in the North Serengeti for migration crossings. Our guide Roman did not disappoint. We witnessed multiple migration crossings while getting amazing photos and videos. At one point we were surrounded by hundreds of wildebeest. The sound was incredibly deafening as they raced and pounded around our vehicle toward the river.

Lioness with cubs feeding.

Young leopard trying to move a carcass her mother had killed. Watching this over-matched, hyper-active youngster tug at the carcass and try to move it was entertaining.

Adult leopards in the trees catching some shade.

Awesome sunrises and sunsets.

Our second major focus on the trip were cheetahs in the Central Serengeti and again, we were not to be denied. First cheetah sighting had its kill stolen by 2 black-back jackals and we watched a brief chase before the big cat gave up.

The second sighting was the highlight of the trip as a mother and her cub jumped on our vehicle and played for 30 minutes giving us the photos and videos of a lifetime. When they were done, we watched the mother give chase to a rabbit that barely escaped down the “rabbit hole”. But that didn’t stop her cub from squeezing down the hole to get the rabbit.

Video below of our cheetah encounter as shot from a nearby vehicle!

Male lions at a water hole and lion prides looking

Herd of elephants playing and splashing mud on their bodies.

Hyena kill


Steve and Jody J.
Surprise, Arizona
Safari Dates: September 9, 2021 to September 14, 2021

  1. Beautiful pictures! Amazing how many experiences you were able to enjoy in a short trip! Kudos to your guide, Roman

  2. Your pictures are great and certainly makes me want to go back. We had two Cheetah’s get on our vehicle for an unexpected visit with us. It was thrilling, exciting and scary. We hope to go back in 2022. Thanks for sharing.