Another Excellent Tanzania Experience!

On our very first date in 1966 my wife and I talked about places that we wanted to see someday and Africa was at the top of the list for both of us. Life got in the way and it took us until 2014 to finally decide to make our dream come true. Fortunately we chose ADS to plan our “Once in a Lifetime trip” but we found that it exceeded our expectations so much that we just had to go back in 2018, and now we have just returned from our third trip to Tanzania with ADS in August 2021.

My wife thinks that this has been the best trip ever but I can’t decide since they have all been just great. One thing you can be sure of is that everyone with ADS from the people working with you from the home office, to the Tanzania staff that will greet you at the airport and get you through customs, to the workers at the tented camps you stay in, and particularly including your safari guide who you will become friends with and be amazed at his knowledge and unbelievable ability to see things that you would certainly miss, ALL will work hard to be sure that they do exceed your expectations.

Yes, we are already discussing our 4th trip to Tanzania with ADS.

So here are some pictures and some video from our trip. Come along and enjoy a virtual trip to the Serengeti!

July/August is a great time to be in the North Serengeti following the Wildebeest migration as they cross the Mara River. A wildebeest crossing is nothing short of spectacular as many thousands of animals gather at the edge of the river until one brave Wildebeest starts across and is soon followed by the chaos of thousands of animals trying to cross as fast as they can, and hoping to avoid meeting a Nile Crocodile.

The Nile Crocodiles have been waiting for almost a year for the migration to return.

And, you may see a croc get ahold of a stray Wildebeest:

Of course Wildebeest also have to look out for the other predators-lions, leopards, and cheetahs. This wildebeest got away but it was a close call:

Many don’t:

If you are lucky your guide will likely spot a few leopards . We were very lucky to find this leopard and watched her nursing her two little ones.

Leopards hide their young well. If a lion comes along they will be killed to eliminate competition for food. Amazing how they blend in with their surroundings:

More leopards:

We were fortunate to find a Cheetah with her three nearly grown cubs, teaching them to hunt, and watched her get a Thompson’s Gazelle.

We love watching the cats and found a Serval which caught a small Hare:

Then our guide spotted some Serval kittens on a Kopje and this turned out to be especially interesting. The Momma Serval had two kittens and one was totally black (Melanistic) and the other normal coloring. They were running around and playing just like domestic kittens. Look closely at the first pic. The melanistic cat is obvious but the other kitten is in the lower right and the Momma is facing away in the middle right

More stuff to see:


Giraffes—honestly they will pose for you close up!

Dwarf Mongoose

Banded Mongoose

And if you are a birder, prepare yourself for some incredible sightings:

Secretary Bird

Black Shouldered Kite

Superb Starling

Lilac Breasted Roller

Rueppell’s Griffon—these guys are important as they clean up the carrion

And finally some miscellaneous pics:

Hope you have enjoyed the trip!

Bill and Sue D.
Friendswood, TX
Safari Dates: July 27, 2021 to August 14, 2021

  1. Loved reading about your recent trip and seeing your fabulous photos! We, too, had a most amazing trip in April of this year. And had absolutely no Covid concerns whatsoever! We only saw a few young animals (time of year) and are jealous that you got to see leopard, cheetah and serval kittens & cubs! Lol! But we saw so many other fabulous things that it’s just impossible to describe what an impact it had on us. We too are actively discussing when to go back…. because of course, once it’s in your blood, that’s it!! Thank you for sharing your marvelous adventure! Mark & Nina, San Jose, California

  2. So glad you had such a great trip, Bill. Excellent photos. I keep thinking we should go back in the near future. A life time experience I would love to share with my daughter. I really enjoyed how you told much of the story with your pictures. Very effective.