Thank You For the Memories

Having recently returned from an eight day African Dream Safari, cycling through the 1000 photographs and reliving each day – it is hard to put in to words our experience.

We opted for a “rest day” in Arusha at the Coffee Lodge. After breakfast, Didah took us for a quick tour around the city and a stop for some shopping at the Cultural Center. We were glad to have this day to help acclimate ourselves to the time change.

Finally, after months of patiently waiting, we were off to the northern part of the Serengeti. Once landing at the airstrip, our guide Chris greeted us with open arms and a huge smile. Chris was an amazing guide, very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable about everything Tanzania – and often spotted animals in the distance, well before we could train our cameras or binoculars on them.

Yes, of course, we witnessed the wildebeest crossing a river, elephants playing, a solitary rhino in the crater, hippos, baboons, cheetahs, lions and leopards. We observed birds of every shape, size and color. We saw plants with thorns and plants with delicate flowers.

We experienced quiet solitude, mothers teaching their young, and breathtaking sunsets. Serenaded at night by animals near our tent, and greeted one morning by a herd of elephants just passing through.

Our accommodations were well appointed and comfortable. Breakfast buffets and dinners were always a treat – offering a variety of food that was thoughtfully prepared. The staff effortlessly made sure we had everything we needed. The box lunches were good, could use a bit more variety, but then again, we weren’t there for the food.

Time passed very quickly as we ended our Safari right where we began. A few more pictures with Chris and we were on to our extension in Zanzibar.

These types of travel experiences just don’t happen. African Dream Safaris has definitely unlocked the secret to making our safari a Safari of a Lifetime. Thank you for the memories.

Mary C and Larry G
Phoenix, Arizona
Safari Dates: September 13, 2019 to September 23, 2019



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  1. Wow! Two months from today our dream trip will be winding down. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos !!! Only adds to my excitement. Any packing, clothing or supply tips you’d like to share ? My email is Thank you !

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