Why We Keep Returning To Tanzania!

My husband and I have recently returned from our sixth safari with Africa Dream Safaris. Yes, six safaris. We know that is crazy. For those people scouring the internet looking for a safari company to take you to Africa and reading reviews of those companies, we will tell you why we have chosen Tanzania to go to and why we have chosen Africa Dream Safaris to take us there six times.

We choose to go to Tanzania because the Serengeti area is still a pristine, clean, uncrowded, non-overdeveloped, wild area. Tanzania is a safe country with friendly, welcoming people. The variety and huge number of animals is staggering. In our six safaris we have never failed to see all of the big cats to include countless lion, cheetah of all ages, and several leopard on each safari. We have always seen at least a couple of rhino.

Then, of course, you can easily see the huge number of all of the other animals one expects to see on an African safari. The only animal that has eluded us is the African painted/wild dog although there were some lucky people who saw the dogs in two different areas during the same time of our safari. Maybe next time…

With Africa Dream Safaris you start your adventure by talking with one of their extremely friendly safari consultants who can answer all of your questions and make recommendations on where to go, what type of accommodations you would like for your comfort level, how many days to go, etc.

On this safari, we had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and Sharon (ADS safari consultants) out in the bush. The love for their job and of Africa and its wonders was apparent immediately. I have read other guests’ reviews of their safaris with ADS and everyone has high praise for Dawn, Sharon, and Michael.

After deciding on your itinerary, ADS will help you with the process for getting a Tanzanian visa. Before you leave home you are provided emergency contact telephone numbers for personnel both in the U.S. and in Tanzania.

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, you are met inside the arrival area by an ADS employee and whisked through the Immigration process and then escorted to your awaiting ADS jeep to take you to your hotel. You receive a briefing and are given a loaner cell phone pre-loaded with minutes for the duration of your safari.

Since all of ADS’s safaris are private and completely custom-made to your specifications, you and your guide get to decide what you want to do. A private safari means exactly that – you go with only the people you signed up with. You are not placed with strangers who might have dissimilar interests or time schedules.

You have the option of getting out of the lodge at 6 a.m. or staying in for breakfast. You can stay out all day or come back for lunch and a bit of a rest. You can return to your lodge as early or as late as park regulations allow. We have always enjoyed getting out at 6 a.m., taking our breakfast and lunch boxes, and spending the day out in the bush. ADS does not place time or mileage restrictions on their game drives.

ADS guides receive nothing but high praise. I think I have read every ADS guest review over the last eight years and each group raves over the qualities of their guide regarding his friendliness, knowledge of the flora and fauna, ability to spot animals and to predict their behavior, and genuine love for their job.

Our guide this time was Roman and he is an amazingly friendly and helpful individual. Thank you Roman and Michael for a wonderful safari!

In summary, if going to Africa is on your bucket list and you want to see animals in their most natural state in a beautiful environment with a company that you can have complete confidence in, then choosing Africa Dream Safaris to take you to Tanzania is the way to go.

Jim and Sandra M.
Torrance, California
Safari Dates: April 05, 2019 to April 17, 2019

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    1. We had another vehicle drive up and our guide gave the other guide his cell phone for the shot. We were stuck there for about 2 hours. The lions just would not move. One stuck his head up to the open window looking face to face with us two different times. That gets the heart pounding.

  1. Thank you for sharing your magnificent photographs. The close-ups of the various cat faces provide unique expressions & expressive eyes. Your other photos are great.
    We had only only one female lion in the shadow of our vehicle. You have inspired me to take another ADS trip.
    What camera and setting did you use? It appeared to be a Canon with a zoom lense.

    1. We had a few cameras. You are right about the Canon as a 70D is the body and a Sigma 400 mm zoom lens. We also had a very old Canon SX30 camera that has a zoom that allows extreme close ups, sometimes at a loss of clarity due to the digital zoom kicking in but we are amateurs and just enjoy the pictures. We had a Canon M50 for close up shots. As for the setting used, I use the sport action selection (on Canon, the running guy) which increases the shutter speed to help prevent blur but at a loss of clarity as the ISO goes way up sometimes, making the pictures a bit grainier. Largely not that noticeable to me. (Serious photographers will be appalled by that statement.)

  2. Neat photo of the lion in the tree above the picnic tables. Makes me want to go back to the Serengeti too! You never know what you’re going to see at any given moment!

      1. I just have to say….the lion in the tree at the picnic site (I’ve been there many times myself!) is so great! SO glad you got a picture of that!!! LOL! Love it! Your other pictures are fantastic, of course – truly – but that one – that one takes the cake!! 🙂

    1. So many thanks for the kind comments on the photos. We try our best. Those darn animals keep moving around and wont hold a pose for us very long. That makes it tough. We hope you return to Tanzania soon so we can see your post. We look forward to it.

  3. Jim and Sandra, Fantastic photos as usual. I loved the warthog in the mud, the beautiful sunset shot, and of the course the box lunch. Your photos bring back many memories of our own amazing safari trip. So glad you introduced us to Africa Dream Safaris!.

    1. Kerry, thanks for comments. We are still envious of your close up rhino shot that we have not been able to get in six trips. Not that we are holding a grudge.

  4. It was a year ago that my family took our first safari with Africa Dream Safaris and Roman was our guide. We have so many beautiful memories but looking at your pictures with Roman were very special to us. We hope to go back again, it was an incredible trip. Thanks for sharing. Michele, Paul, Reagan and Ryan Cuddy

  5. This is about the same time frame we will be going next year (2020) after researching for multiple years. Your photos have us (family of three, dad, mom and 22 yr old animal crazed son) practically drooling and prepping for a practice run with cameras in Yellowstone in a few months. Cant wait!

  6. Great photos! They make me want to do another trip myself. Maybe after all this virus stuff is over. Thanks for sharing!

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