Right Time, Right Place

When we decided that it was the right time in our lives for our long-awaited Safari adventure, we next needed to decide the right place. After my first conversation with Dawn at ADS, I knew that Tanzania was that right place and ADS was the perfect fit for us as a couple.

When we arrived in Tanzania, the right time and place took on a whole new meaning. Perhaps it was a little luck, but mostly we believe it was due to our guide Emanuel’s experience, expertise and persistence that put us just where and when we needed to be to see everything we had hoped for and much more.

We arrived at the wildebeest crossing at Mara River just in time to see the spectacle others had been waiting for most of the day. We caught the lions mating after Emanuel spotted them taught us to wait patiently. A flat tire delayed us just enough to see the leopard climb a tree in full view and perfect light for our cameras. Even the elusive cheetah siting was due to the right timing at the right place.

From sunrise to sunset each day we marveled at our good fortune for not only choosing the right safari company but for the magic of being where we needed to be to capture the animals in the best light. Being able to take our time and patiently wait for special moments paid off time after time.

Now we can hardly view the pictures we took without realizing once again how everything came together for us from start to finish. Thanks ADS for making our right time and place become a dream come true.

David and Sarah K.
Green Valley, Arizona
Safari Dates: September 12, 2018 to September 21, 2018

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely fantastic. May I inquire the type of camera you were using?
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures.

  2. Fab photos. Hope to get some awesome ones when we go in Feb. What is your camera? We keep hearing great things about ADS. Thanks.

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