The Animal Viewing Will Far Exceed Your Wildest Imagination!

When we returned from our Africa Dream Safaris vacation in July 2018, we tried with great difficulty to explain to our friends and family the magic of our experience. We describe it with this analogy: “When you see a wildebeest at the zoo, you think to yourself, “Wildebeest…boring….let’s go see the elephants!” However, on Safari, it feels as though you have been transported back in time when you see thousands upon thousands of those very animals running straight toward your vehicle!

To add to the heart-pounding thrill is watching the zebras, impalas, and other wildlife running alongside the wildebeest in perfect harmony. Visiting elephants at a zoo may be great but watching them interact in their natural environment takes the experience to a whole new level, especially when you see two bulls break from the herd to do some sparring. The sheer power of these magnificent animals is genuinely mesmerizing, and something to experience first-hand!

Africa Dream Safaris certainly delivered as promised. As soon as we entered the airport terminal at Mt. Kilimanjaro airport, we felt like we were in good hands. When the company tells you to deplane quickly, they are not exaggerating. (Even with priority handling through customs, a delay can easily happen considering that four hundred other people arrive simultaneously.) Nonetheless, it took less than thirty minutes from stepping off the plane until we sat down in the ADS van to make the transfer to our hotel in Arusha.

We could make this review thousands of words long to describe each property where we stayed; however rest assured that each hotel, lodge, and tented camp did not fail to deliver. It is evident that ADS spends considerable time and effort to ensure that on each night of your safari you’ll feel pampered and comfortable!

The Four Seasons had to top our “favorite” property list – and we recommend splurging to ensure that your stay includes at least a couple of evenings surrounded in luxury. (Also, beware that when the Four Seasons tells you to make sure your doors remain closed to avoid having baboons visit your room, they are not joking!)

The animal viewing will far exceed your wildest imagination. We expected to see all the wildlife on our “must see” list, and our guide Thomson made sure we checked off every species. To our delight, we saw far more animals than we had anticipated, including different types of monkeys, crocodiles, warthogs, and even a python!

The warthogs, including mommas and babies, soon became one of our favorite sightings on the Serengeti. Watching their tails bounce along the horizon caused us endless smiles, with our daughter referring to the warthog as the “Corgi of the Serengeti.”

We also enjoyed seeing the wide variety of birds. Of the thousands of species in East Africa, our guide never once failed to identify one!

Every review we read on the ADS website has visitors raving about their guides, and we are no exception. Thomson, a former Serengeti park ranger who also has a degree in wildlife management, amazed us with his knowledge! ADS tells you to find a couple of questions that will stump your guide, and we sure tried; however, we failed in that regard! We forged a strong bond with him, and our goodbye involved a few tears – although we still keep in touch with him to this day.

All in all, you will not go wrong booking your custom trip with Africa Dream Safaris. We have not stopped bragging about our vacation to everyone we encounter, and with each conversation never fail to recommend ADS!


Suzanne, Robert and Megan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Safari Dates: June 21, 2018 to July 1, 2018


  1. Your photos are beautiful! May I ask what type of camera did you use and what lens?
    We were there this past April and truly enjoyed our trip. You can’t go wrong with ADS,
    We plan to go back again and will definitely choose ADS again!

  2. I have traveled 3 times with ADS. Your photos brought back great memories. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  3. Absolutely outstanding pictures! Such a unique picture of the African buffalo in the water (The smooth water, reflecting JUST the top of the head with the HUGE HORNS! ). My husband and I had a fabulous time in several areas of South Africa, Botswana, & Zimbabwe/Zambia, September 2018. I can’t wait to return to more of Africa! Love this location of scenery plus wildlife, and unique people.