The Early Morning Game Drives Were Spectacular And A Must Do!

It is just before daybreak. A slight chill is in the air. The promise of a pristine day. Two majestic lion brothers come strutting down the road toward our Land Cruiser just 10 minutes outside of Sametu Camp in the Central Serengeti. What a sight, so close it took our breath away!

Bennet, our guide, was right – start each day early to see what nature will bring. His knowledge, timing and friendly demeanor ensured us the most spectacular wildlife encounters imaginable. Every day was unique, and special.

The entire staff at ADS cared deeply that our first trip to the Serengeti would be memorable. And they delivered way beyond our expectations. Our gratitude to all who organized and shared Tanzania and their Serengeti to make our holiday so very special.

The tented camps were a perfect blend, providing an authentic introduction to the Serengeti and its wildlife experiences. Each and every day was spectacular. Some of our most favored exclamations – “are you kidding me?” “this is unbelievable” “oh my god!”

Here are just a few of our encounters: a cheetah enjoying her recent kill, so close we could watch her heavy breathing as she recovered from the chase. A leopard in the tree protecting his kill, staring at us in warning (or curiosity?).

A pair of lions mating in the grass – love was in the air! An entire pride of lionesses napping in their tree, catching the slightest breeze to stay cool. Two adorable lion cubs within a few feet of our vehicle.

An entire family of elephants – old ones, young ones, mamas, aunties, uncles, cousins, babies – a herd of about 20 emerging from the trees and meandering to the river’s edge to interrupt a group of hippos enjoying their day-spa at the Grumeti river. If only we understood the language of elephant and hippo, much was being said that day!

Driving over a slight knoll to see and hear a large herd of migrating wildebeest – following closely as they galloped willy-nilly to no-where. All of these we discovered, with Bennett’s keen eyes and sense of timing, in uncrowded conditions and off the beaten paths. We truly felt the Serengeti was our own.

Early morning game drives (started before daybreak) were spectacular and a must in order to encounter the wonders that nature provided each and every day of our 10 day safari. So very memorable.

We are encouraging everyone we know to add an ADS Serengeti safari to their list of must-do adventures. We can’t wait to return.

Gary and Alice S.
La Selva Beach, California
Safari Dates: May 23, 2018 to June 02, 2018

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  1. I love your picture of the three cheetahs. I believe we saw these three when we were there in April. Our guide told us this was an older male with male and female siblings. The person who tracks the cheetahs for research said the older male had adopted the Cubs after they lost their mother and would raise them til they were old enough to hunt on their own. Nature is amazing.

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