What An Amazing Experience to See So Many Animals Coexisting In Nature

Our Africa Dream Safari was wonderful. It was our most adventurous, educational, stimulating and “feel good” vacation ever. We loved all of it.

Thank you and thanks to everyone at Africa Dream Safaris for arranging everything. We felt well cared for and safe from the time we stepped off the plane, met Matias and he whisked us through customs.

Ellison, our Driver-Guide was fantastic. He provided great advice all along the way. We wanted to start at 6:00 am and finish game drives in the early afternoon. He accommodated us every time. He found every animal we had on our “Big Seven” list. He went out of his way to find a major migrating herd. It was so eye opening to be in the middle of a herd of about 15,000 zebra, wildebeest and other animals.

Ellison was a careful and thoughtful driver. He knew every roadway and landmark. He knew where the Hippos would be; where the Rhinos would be. He was careful with the animals and the environment. He always had cold sealed bottles of safe water, soft drinks and snacks in the Land Cruiser. He even taught us a song in Swahili. Ellison is an all around great guy.

It is such an amazing experience to see so many types of animals coexisting in the balance of nature. Seeing the gazelles, wildebeest, giraffe and zebra comingle was a feeling of “Noah’s Ark” and “Garden of Eden” combined. Seeing a pride of lions feasting on a hippopotamus and seeing a cheetah stalk, catch and eat a wildebeest was exciting and amazing.

We learned how to watch scavengers (vultures, jackals and hyenas) because they can lead you to the big cats and their prey. We learned that lions do relax in the branches of trees (we saw two up there) and that leopards sometimes store their food up in trees. (In this case, the food was part of a wildebeest!) We saw the prettiest, most colorful birds.

Each of the lodges you selected was outstanding in its own way. Each was an oasis of safety and luxury in the midst of a wild and primitive environment. We would have enjoyed some extra nights just to explore the grounds and appreciate the extent of services they offered.

This safari was a much anticipated and expensive vacation. I am so glad that we chose Africa Dream Safaris because your careful planning, excellent staff and ability to deliver on the complete adventurous experience made it a great value.

Wayne and Alice F.
Cocoa, Florida
Safari Dates: June 03, 2018 to June 13, 2018

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  1. Ellison is the BEST! So glad you enjoyed your adventure. Ellison was our guide and he certainly knew his was around! What a great guide.

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