Never In My Travels Have I Met People More Kind, Generous and Genuine.

Location. Location. Location. The golden rule of real estate is also the golden rule of safari. And ADS put us in the right location.

We can only echo what others have said about the sheer numbers of animals, the quality guides (hey Dida!), the benefits of a private safari (car!!!), and the camps. They are all great. But having our own truck was the greatest of all. We set our own pace. We on the way every day at 6am, watched the elephants as long as we wanted, broke for lunch when we felt like it and headed back to the camp when we felt like it.

Driving through the plains reminded me of my deep sea fishing days looking for fish as we trolled. And the thrill of spotting an animal was the best. I spotted two cheetah brothers before anyone else. My reward? Bragging rights for the next thirty minutes until Dida bested me again (for the umpteenth time.)

But I really believe the best experience of our time in Tanzania were the people. Never in my travels have I met people more kind, generous and genuine than the people of Tanzania. They are the true resource of Tanzania.

A couple of comments:

• The public rest rooms in the park are spotless.

• Don’t worry if you do not have a giant telephoto rig. We had a Sony A6300 with a 200mm telephoto that proved to be too “close” some of the time. We also took a Sony RX100 that proved very useful.

• Do not discount your phone camera. We constantly used our fancy cameras and then reached for the phone to take more. And many of the phone shots rival the more expensive rigs.

• Follow the pointers in the ADS handbook. We did and the only thing we did not use was bathing suits.

• Take an extra arrival night in Arusha. Your body will thank you.

• You will eat too much. The box breakfast and lunch has too much food.

• Hit the road early

• And don’t go out at night alone. Because as Dida reminded us, “You will rest in pieces.”

Scott and Gayle L.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Safari Dates: May 15, 2018 to May 24, 2018

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