What A Grand Experience!

My husband and I visited the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the beginning of the rainy season (no it didn’t rain). We stayed in Amsterdam for 2 nights and 2 nights in Arusha (The Coffee lodge). I strongly recommend this extra time because we were refreshed and ready to get up at the crack of dawn each day. At the Kilimanjaro airport we were quickly swept through the Visa and customs lines. It was seamlessly accomplished. Our contact guides in the city were wonderful and welcoming with a wealth of information to my relentless questions.

We visited the vast Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. We stayed in 3 camps, all very different. At the Seronera Sametu Camp, it was warm enough to leave the tent flaps open and we could hear the lions and water buffalo as we slept, while keeping warm with our hot water bottles. We were even treated with a birthday cake and song plus an intimate dinner under the stars and by the fire. What an experience!!!!

Our guide’s name was Wilfred and he was fabulous. Our vehicle was always clean and he was diligent about checking tire pressure, front and back but especially in the back to make sure we were safe. My husband also joined him in that endeavor. HMMMMM

So many wonderful experiences couldn’t be caught by a camera. We sat for at least an hour watching the Baboons stalking the Leopard. I thought they were the victims. Little did we know it was the other way around.

A male lion reached to the side window of the Cruiser and tried to pet Wilfred. It happened so quickly. I didn’t get a picture but it was a talking point for the rest of the trip. “Don’t do that, don’t do that!.” As the lion tried to eat the side mirror. It was very up close and personal!!! Exciting and wonderful!!

A cheetah we were slowly following decided to stop and check us out, Not only did he decide to check us out he decided to take a short snooze on the hood (bonnet) of the jeep. Again, very up close and personal!!!! Exciting and wonderful.

On the way to the Ngorongoro Crater we visited a Maasai village which was very interesting and insightful. Back on the road I got to “negotiate” a price for a beaded bracelet. The Maasai gentleman and I had great fun going back and forth on price. All in all I think he won.

In the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater we were having a lovely lunch. Sitting in our lawn chairs enjoying the view, suddenly I feel a smack on the back of my head and my sandwich was taken by a hungry bird. My husband chastised me and told me to keep it out of sight. Next thing you know his was taken as well. I could go on and on about our trip.

Every person on the trip was great. The Maasai people, everyone in the camps and of course Wilfred. We were well taken care of and the trip, truly was a trip of a life time

Mike and Brenda R.
Golden, Colorado
Safari Dates: December 02, 2017 to December 13, 2017