Masses of Pink Flamingoes at Lake Manyara

With a myriad of animals frolicking along the glittering shoreline and clouds of pink flamingos dusted over its glassy surface, Lake Manyara is a beautiful sight to behold. The mirror like surface reflects the shifting shades of the sky above – from dawn’s rosy hue in the early morning to shimmering blue as the sun rolls directly overhead to golden glass as the yellow rays of sunset strike over the valley.

Lake Manyara was formed as a result of the Great Rift Valley – over millions of years as the rift grew wider, streams cascaded down its continually eroding slopes and pooled into what is now the famous lake. Typical of lakes formed in this way, Lake Manyara has no outlet and is thus subjected to intense evaporation, allowing salt and other minerals to accumulate. Crusty white deposits of soda glitter like diamonds around the water’s edge and the saline water appears almost soapy in texture due to the concentrated minerals. However the water is not too salty for animals to drink, and hippos happily make their home in these brackish waters.

Algae vivaciously thrive in the high saline content of the lake, and their growth supports large numbers of fish. Huge and colorful flocks of birds gather in or near the water to feed, including many different varieties of birds that coexist together. In fact, well over 300 different species of birds have been recorded here!

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