Game Viewing on the Mara River

One of Tanzania’s best kept secrets is the fact that nearly half of the Mara River is situated in the North Serengeti (30 miles in length) versus the Masai Mara’s segment in Kenya (40 miles in length). While there are hundreds of vehicles just a few miles upriver in the Masai Mara, the Serengeti side of the Mara River is an isolated wilderness virtually devoid of tourists.

On the Serengeti side of the Mara River, one is able to witness the same caliber of game viewing without hordes of other vehicles and the resulting solitude sets the stage for a much more intimate and rewarding experience.

An ADS specialty is our ‘Mara River Adventure Drive’, which can be conducted while staying at any of the lodges and camps in the North Serengeti. This game drive is a full day of adventure, including an excursion through Wogakuria and some time spent exploring the Mara River (both on foot and in the vehicle).

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