A Father-Daughter Photography Adventure

Our safari was truly an awesome experience and definitely an excellent pick for a father-daughter photography adventure. Immediately after our bush flight into the Serengeti our adventure began and continued all the way up to our departure. Every day held new discoveries. Even if we explored the same area for two days, we spotted new animals interacting in completely different ways. It’s one thing to hear about other peoples’ safaris and how amazing it is to be surrounded by hundreds of animals, but it is entirely different to personally experience it.

Our driver Peter was amazing at simultaneously spotting game in the distance, navigating the roads, and educating us on the nearby animals or current terrain. We definitely learned a lot about wherever we traveled and now possess a plethora of random trivia about African wildlife.

We thought the accommodations along our journey added an adventurous atmosphere to the safari. They perfectly blended the idea of camping in the bush with the comforts of home. The views from many of the campsites were simply astounding. There was definitely a pleasant sense of isolation when you stood outside your tent and realized that the only things you could see were wildlife and savannah.

Sharon & Africa Dream Safaris definitely made this a trip of a lifetime. We already wish we were back on game drives exploring Tanzania.

Caroline and Joe L.
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Safari Dates: August 1, 2013 to August 12, 2013

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  1. I took hundreds of great photos on my ADS safari, but none compare to the beauty of your cheetah photo! Well done! The discovery channel has an amazing documentary on cheetahs (“Man-Cheetah-Wild)” that is worth watching.

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