We Saw The Migration Filling The Plains Like Fish School In The Ocean.

After a well deserved retirement and a life time of enjoying the Canadian wilderness and wildlife we decided to go to Africa and experience the Serengeti. We knew we wanted to be in Africa when it was green and bursting with life. After reading and speaking with Dawn we booked for the end of February and beginning of March 2014. We shared our 11 day Safari with our good friend Judy.

Our trip was perfect from the moment we stepped on our KLM flight leaving the west coast of Canada to being greeted by ADS representative Faith at the Kilimanjaro Airport and whisked through Tanzanian Immigration. A few days later we met our fantastic guide Russel at Ndutu Airstrip where we were immediately taken on our first game drive and the “spotting” began.

We spent 4 nights at Ndutu Lodge in the South Serengeti, then 4 nights at Seronera Semetu Camp in the Central Serengeti and then finished off with 2 nights at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge and in the Crater. We also did a game drive in Lake Manyara National Park on our drive back to Arusha. The entire trip was amazing and a time we will never forget.

We saw every animal and more than we had hoped for. We saw sunrises and sunsets with the Southern Hemisphere night sky dazzling with new wonders. Most importantly, to all three of us, was having and taking the time to watch animal behaviour. We saw cheetahs patiently hunting, lion cubs playing with each other and squabbling over a trophy wildebeest tail.

We saw the MIGRATION and hundreds of thousands of animals filling the plains like fish school in the ocean. We saw elephants protecting their babies and baby elephants chasing birds with their limp baby trunks. We saw female lions roaring and growling at a male looking to mate. We saw dung beetles looking for love and laughed at Hippos in a pool claiming pond real estate. We saw a family of Egyptian Geese squawking at a Crocodile in an attempt to have it move, which surprisingly the Crocodile did.

We experienced a large herd of Elephants travel through and past us without a sound, it was a moving and spiritual moment. We heard the lions and hyenas outside our tent as we safely lay in bed at night. We saw and learned so much it was both a wonder and truly satisfying as by seeing and understanding what animals were doing we somehow became a part of a very special time, place and dance. The Serengeti charmed all of us and took a piece of our hearts.

Russel was truly a man of the Serengeti and was able to teach us so much about the animals, birds and insects who live there and their way of life. We learned and saw so much we will never forget. Thank you Tanzania, Russel and Africa Dream Safaris.

If anyone reading this is contemplating a trip to the Serengeti, our recommendation is do it. You will have no regrets and your memories will be cherished for the rest of your life. African Dreams made this happen !!!!

Lion Man, Sweetie and Leopard Woman
(Scott, Annette and Judy)
Victoria, BC
On Safari February 23 to March 5, 2014

One Response to We Saw The Migration Filling The Plains Like Fish School In The Ocean.

  1. Wendy says:

    Love the photo of the elusive dung beetle – one of the few creatures we were not able to see on our 2006 fall safari with ADS as it was the dry season – guess I’ll have to return for a spring visit!

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