We Ended Up Seeing Two Wildebeest Crossings

Equipped with Sharon’s visionary plan and our driver guild Petro’s extended experiences and great talent with animals, we have just completed our unforgettable African dream safari.

Our trip started from the North Serengeti. Someone told my husband that the chance of seeing the wildebeest crossing Mara river was 15%. We wanted to see it badly. However, we understood perfectly that nothing was guaranteed and a safari trip was supposed to be a surprised one. Petro knew where to take us and how to approach the potential crossing spot and the best time to get closer therefore not to disturb the animals. We ended up seeing two crossings. Second one with more wildebeests and lasted more than ten minutes and very exciting.

Around the Buffalo Spring area, we visited a Maasai village, had a guided nature walk and a night game drive. All the activities were fun and rewarding.

In the central Serengeti area, we saw the chases and hunts by lions, a mama leopard, and a cheetah. Some failed and some succeeded.

In the Ngorongoro Crater, we saw more hyenas than elsewhere. All the animals here seemed braver than those in the Serengeti National park. It is a good chance to take close up pictures of them.
Tarangire guaranteed us with more elephants and lions.

Over all, we have seen all the animals and most of their actions we wanted to see. We saw 65 lions, 5 leopards, 9 cheetahs, a family of African hunting dogs, and countless of a lot of other commonly seen animals and beautiful birds. I believe the land in Tanzania is magical. It became a habit of trying to spy an animal and animal seeing has continued in our dreams. The beauty of the land, people, and animals of Tanzania has printed in our hearts.

Ann W.
Fremont, California
Safari Dates: July 25, 2013 to August 5, 2013

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