Within 15 minutes We Were Watching Five Lions A Cape Buffalo

We have been back for two weeks from our Tanzania Safari. As you can well imagine, none of our group of eleven wanted to come home at the end of our week stay.

You did a fantastic job Sharon, of planning our trip. We started with the Ngorongoro Crater and working our way up to the northern Serengeti and flew back to Arusha on our last day.

Our Drivers, Francis and Ema, meet us at the Kilimanjaro Airport and took us to the Mount Meru hotel our first night. We had a easy time getting through customs with the help of the Arusha office crew.

Our second day drive to Ngorongoro went very well and we did a game drive en route. The highlight of day two was going down into the crater. We parked along a river bank and within 15 minutes we were watching five lions consume the last of a Cape Buffalo they had captured. It was interesting to watch the surrounding area to see the Hyenas and Jackals who were gathering and waiting their turn with the Buffalo. We returned to the same sight the next day and there must have been 35 Hyenas gathered around, but only one of them had a small scrap from yesterdays kill.

The Sopa Lodge on the lip of the crater was a perfect transition into our safari experience. As we drove into the Central Serengti we had a real treat. Our driver, Francis, spotted a Black Rhino that was wandering out of the protected area of the National park. This is not good because given the chance, poachers waiting just outside the park and would have killed the Rhino. Francis radioed a relative of his who worked for the conservation department, and reported this situation. Within a half hour, a truck load of Park Rangers arrived and began to herd the Rhino back towards the park. It was very exciting to follow the drama as it unfolded. Things would go fine for awhile, and then the Rhino would get dissatisfied with the whole thing and he would stop and spin around to have a face off with the truck. We could have followed them all afternoon, but had to leave so we could reach our lodging at the Seronera Sametu Camp.

The Sametu Camp was more than anyone expected. The consensus was, we want to stay here forever. Sleeping in the middle of the Serengeti is an experience everyone should try just once in their lifetime. The next morning we did a morning game drive and were rewarded with a Cheetah and her cubs, playing in the track.

Going north to the Buffalo Springs Lodge was an adventure. Stopped at the Hippo pool. Seeing 150 Hippos lounging in the mud is quite a site.

Got to Buffalo Spring and guess what? Every one wanted to “STAY HERE FOREVER”. The setting is beautiful, and the food was great!

The Wildebeest migration was amazing. There must have been a million of them in small herds, and one long line of wildebeest, streached from left to right for as far as you could see in either direction.

We departed the Lobo Airstrip and flew back to Arusha in a Cessna Caravan. Being a recently retired pilot and riding right seat up front was a special treat for me.

We returned to Amsterdam with so many special memories. Your group does an amazing job. You truly did create a Dream Safari.

Asante Sana,

Hank & Judy H.
Carrollton, Texas
July 22, 2013 to July 29, 2013

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  1. Judy Davidson says:

    I was one of the fortunate 11 who joined Hank & Judy Herman on this adventure. Everything they have written is true. We had a ball! Our guides were wonderful, our surroundings were indescribable and the people with whom we stayed were so friendly and helpful. Thank you for having such exciting and perfect accommodations. Our African safari was exactly what I had always dreamed about!!

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