Africa Dream Safari Is The Way To Go!!

I could not be more pleased with our entire safari experience from beginning to end. We worked with Dawn and she is wonderful; she answered every e-mail promptly, courteously and accurately. Most people don’t describe a safari as relaxing but it was to me because I did not have any decisions to make once we arrived in Tanzania except what delicious food to choose for my meals. Everything was taken care of for me.

A month before we left my 22 year old son Jeremy called to gently tell me he needed knee surgery but the doctor assured him he would be fine for the safari. A week before we left he called again to let me know that the doctor had just told him he would still need his crutches on our adventure. My heart sank. I immediately e-mailed Dawn and she assured me that he would be fine on the safari and she was right. Jeremy loved the adventure and did not miss a thing, including crutching his way across two swinging bridges!

The safari experience was 7 days in paradise. Much of the credit goes to our driver Petro who was amazing; knowledgeable, kind, humorous, and handled well our dynamic group of seven! We saw every animal I hoped to see and then some! He read the group well and catered to our wishes and wants. We chose to be out for 10-12 hour days and loved every minute of it from the first lion we saw to the last wildebeest. We chose a variety of accommodations and enjoyed each one. I may have to adopt the traditions of being greeted with warm moist wash cloths after a long day outdoors and using a hot water bottle in my bed at night! We felt so pampered.

I had high expectations for our safari and between Dawn from Africa Dream Safari and Petro all of my expectations were more than met. Thank you Dawn and Petro for creating a vacation our group of seven will never forget! It was an experience of a lifetime.

Laura J.
Derwood, Maryland
June 20-June 28,2013

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