My Husband Was Hesitant But We Made A Believer Of Him The First Day

Bob and I are happy to tell anyone and everyone about our trip. As you know it was my dream trip and you and the rest of your team made it all come true. From the very first day each place we stayed was better than the last.

The tent camping was everything I had hoped and more! I woke one night and heard an elephant trumpeting so got up and unzipped the tent and stepped out onto our porch and there was an elephant standing there eating the tree in the yard not 6 feet away!! Course I quickly stepped back into the tent and zipped back up!!

I kept a journal of all the animals we saw each day and some days I have 20 or more different ones. The big three are the rhino, the cheetah and the leopard and our guide told us many people do not get to see them as they are endangered and few in the wild but we got to see all of them with more than one sighting of each. We were also fortunate enough to be in the right spot at the right time and saw the start of the great migration.

What you see on discovery channel with all the sounds and sights does not begin to compare with being right there in the middle of a million or more wildebeest and zebras running full tilt onto the plains. Our guide was wonderful and knew all the names of animals, birds and plants and had many books so I could see and read about them. I could go on and on and if anyone would like to talk to me about it we would be glad to help. As you know Bob was very hesitant to take this trip but we made a believer of him the very first day and he was so happy we went!

Sue and Bob S.
Birmingham, Alabama
Safari Dates: May 17, 2013 to May 27, 2013

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