Our 3rd Safari With ADS!

Once again, we would like to thank everyone at Africa Dream Safaris for making our safari such a wonderful experience. This was our third safari with ADS in three years. The questions that we are always asked are “Are you going someplace new?” “Are you going with a different company?” “Why would you go again?” The answers come down mostly to the fact that ADS and all of its employees are so exceptional that we couldn’t consider going with anyone else. Petro was our guide on our first safari and on the most recent safari. His knowledge of the animals and their behavior and his ability to spot animals still amazes us. It was like going back and seeing an old friend.

As far as returning to Tanzania for three consecutive years (first at the end of January/ beginning of February and the next two times in early April), there is always something new, different, and exciting to see. This year, one of the highlights included seeing several leopards, including a leopard close-up and making not one, but two kills. Unfortunately, her choice of prey was a bit disturbing as it was two feral kittens, but seeing a leopard close-up for about three and a half hours was exciting. Also, we finally got pictures of lovebirds!

Other highlights included seeing the Great Migration, seeing lion almost every day, seeing the most amazing number of zebra that we have ever seen, seeing many new (to us) types of birds, watching a monitor lizard, watching a mother lion and her two cubs playfully slipping and sliding in the mud during a brief downpour, watching the hippo at the Hippo Pool, and yes, watching the interaction of dozens of vultures on a kill.

To sum it up, in our opinion, going to Tanzania with ADS three consecutive years was just as exciting from the first safari to the third. Who knows? Maybe there’s a fourth safari in our future…

Jim and Sandra M.
Safari Dates: April 1 – 10, 2013
Torrance, California

6 Responses to Our 3rd Safari With ADS!

  1. Donna Archer says:

    We have been twice with ADS, and like you, would not consider anyone else for next time. They are the best!

  2. Wendy Armitage says:

    Love, love, love the leopard photo – great shot!

  3. Rebecca L. Welter says:

    …In reading the reviews here, my excitement and anticipation is huge! The trip of my lifetime, and my camera in hand…what more could my heart desire! The beauty of Africa and it’s wildlife, and the joy of having a phenomenal guide and company to organise the trip on my behalf. On countdown till I leave! Tanzania, here I come ~ 2014!

  4. John Milner says:

    Just reviewed the photos submitted by Jim and Sandra M from California. Their photos are incredible!!!! Is there any way I can find out information on the type of camera equipment they used? Additionally do they have any hints for first timers who would love to take photos as good as these.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your comments. The good news is that we are not really photographers and did not have expensive equipment. Most of the photos were taken with a Canon SX30 IS. It’s basically a point and shoot camera with a great zoom. I had the camera on the Vivid Color setting. Our key: take lots of photos.
      Enjoy your safari!

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