Our Dream Safari…..And it Was

We have been back about 2 weeks now and are still talking daily about some aspect of the trip and still going through the thousands of photos that we took. We have thought and thought about what we might say that would be different than what others have said about their experiences with ADS and have come to the conclusion that there is NOTHING BETTER anyone CAN say.

ADS is an outstanding, first class company to work with in every sense of the word. From our very first contact with Sharon, who actually helped us pull our trip together in about 3 weeks…YES 3 weeks!! We were planning on an October trip, but due to some extenuating circumstances the opportunity for a trip fell in our laps and with Sharon’s expert help we got it together–seamlessly. Of course that was just the beginning.

From the moment we stepped off of the plane ADS delivered on their promises. Everything you are told, you can rest assured will happen..above and beyond your greatest expectations! Our guide, Emmanuel was excellent, knowledgeable, and personable. We so enjoyed spending each day with him and learning from him. What a wealth of knowledge about the animals, the land and the people! He answered literally everything we asked and more. He knew where to find the animals and was willing to get us to them.

If all day game drives is what you want—you get them. If you want to chase cheetahs—you chase cheetahs. If you want to see a kill, you will see a kill. If you want to see a giraffe drinking water, believe me, Emmanual even found me one of those! I guess what I am saying, is that he literally did everything in his power to make this the perfect safari for us.

We ran into another ADS group and Emmanual and their guide, Reggie, would use their radios to talk to each other and let one another know what game they were seeing. This was an added bonus, as it maximized game viewing for us..GREAT TEAMWORK ADS! It was also fun meeting some other ADS clients and exchanging stories about our adventures.

We stayed at 3 different camps all of which were impeccable. The staffs were friendly and very accommodating and we really did not have a favorite place. They all were outstanding. At the 2 ADS camps the personal touch of being met each evening with a warm towel to wash your face and a glass of juice made you feel like you were coming home. Such a special “extra” they do for clients!

We must say that the Seronera Sametu Camp with Jonas and his staff was a wonderful place! We were the only people there for 3 of the 4 four nights, and were treated like royalty. The sunsets from here were unforgettable. Lake Masek Tented Lodge was our second camp. It too was amazing. Their chef, Veronica, is reason in and of itself to want to go to this beautiful camp. She is a character and an absolutely amazing chef! Our last camp was at Lion’s Paw tented camp and it was probably the most beautiful with its lush green surroundings. D.C. and his staff had a nice surprise for us on our last night, making it very special. I can’t imagine any of the other lodgings being any less wonderful…makes me want to visit all of them.

As far as the safari itself goes, we saw more in the first two days than we hoped to see in the entire trip, so we were thrilled with the outcome. There were so many highlights that it is hard to choose one or two. My husband is a passionate photographer and for him the thrill of photographing several chase/kills was a dream come true. He got some outstanding shots that we will treasure.

For me, to be in the midst of the great migration was phenomenal. I cannot think of another thing in nature that I have witnessed that has been quite so amazing. It was truly remarkable. We even witnessed a baby Wildebeest being born and timed from birth until it was up and running alongside of its mother to be about 17 minutes. Absolutely incredible–as Emmanual told us, it is Life on the move.

I could go on and on about elephants and baboons, and zebras, warthogs rolling in the mud, hyenas, jackals, hartebeests, vultures waiting to clean up a kill, lions mating, cheetahs hunting, leopards in trees, rhinos, hippos, birds, and oh so much more…..absolutely everything we dreamed about.

ADS is superb, flawless and reliable. Every member of the team in every way is there for the client. Their strength in my opinion is their customer service and attention to detail. Thank you ADS for helping us make memories that will last a lifetime. We will come back and without a doubt we will use ADS.

Richard and Toni O.
Rifle, Colorado
Safari dates: February 19-March 3, 2013

6 Responses to Our Dream Safari…..And it Was

  1. Brandy Werner says:

    Richard and Toni O
    These pictures are amazing, can I ask what camera/len you used? I leave the end of April for this trip of a lifetime.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Toni Olsen says:

      We used two different cameras. A canon 7D and a canon 5D III. Most of the photos were shot with a canon 100-400 lens but we also had a canon 500 lens with a 1.4 extender that we used on some shots. The 100-400 was by far the most useful lens. You will have an amazing trip!

  2. Marcia Johnson says:

    Richard and Toni, For the past 8 months Bill and I have planned a 12-day safari with ADS in mid May in celebration of our 46th wedding anniversary. With only 50 days left before we leave, we can hardly contain ourselves….packing and repacking; searching every bit of information about Serengeti; and tempering our enthusiasm as best we can. Seeing your beautiful close up pictures today has lifted our excitement up another notch! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the camera. Beautiful work and wonderful comments about your experience!

    • Anonymous says:

      You and your husband are in for an unforgettable anniversary!
      We could have stayed another week easily!
      ADS will treat you like royalty and the beauty of Tanzania will captivate you.
      Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Looks like you had a great adventure. Wonderful Pictures! Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Karlene says:

    We are going to celebrate our 46th Ann. on a
    trip with ADS for 10 days in Oct. As said before,
    your photos just make the anticipation greater. Thanks for your advise on cameras.

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