Our First Day On Safari Was So Intense

Now that we’ve been back home for a week and back to corporate life, I want to express my thanks to you and Russell for a trip that was beyond our expectations. It is funny to write those words. I had read the letters on your web site and thought not everyone could have such a remarkable experience. I was wrong.

Our first day on safari was so intense with the highlight of watching “the crossing”. I didn’t think the first day could be topped. Again, I was wrong. Each day there was always something new and exciting. We felt so special seeing the wildebeest crossing twice! Then we saw the big five all in one day. The memory of seeing a hyena trotting off from a kill with a leg in his mouth leaving the other two hyenas to fend off the vultures while they got their share is still vivid. Remembering the three young lions stalking our vehicle with curiosity and the baby giraffe with the umbilical cord still attached are memories not soon to be forgotten.

We felt so fortunate to have Russell as our guide. I was amazed at his ability to spot the animals and birds and had the patience for us if we were slow to see them. He also positioned us to get the great camera and video shots. We truly got some great shots worthy of National Geographic (or so we think). Russell seemed so excited to show us his country, the animals, birds, trees, plants and talk about the culture and people. He even knew the constellations! What an asset to ADS to have such a enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide on their staff.

Of course the itinerary was superb with each location a different experience and I have to thank you for your help in putting this together. I waited until the end to see if I could pick a favorite location since they were all wonderful. I have to admit I loved Swala. The male lion at 3:30AM proclaiming his territory 30 feet from our tent was certainly one of the highlights I’ll never forget. Oh yes, and having to shoo the impala from our path to get to our tent is not an everyday event.

I can only hope to return to Africa one day. Until then. Asante sanna.

Christine McKenzie
Plano, Texas
Trip Dates: September 12th to September 22nd, 2012

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