A Leopard’s Return

It was a wonderful experience – the people, animals, landscape, lodgings, and food were extraordinary. We feel so lucky to have had the chance to make this trip – memories that we can keep for a life time.

The best moment was seeing the Great Migration. We were in the north Serengeti in mid-July and the animals were moving north. Our guide found one particular spot along a river where thousands of wildebeest and zebras were moving north. The endless parade was mesmerizing as we watched them run down into the river valley and cross the river. We stopped for a long time to take it all in.

The next best moment was on the last full day of the trip on a game drive in Tarangire NP. We were out early in the morning. Our guide identified a dead gazelle straddling a tree limb up in a tree maybe 20 feet off the ground. Our guide was convinced that a leopard had killed the gazelle during the night and carried it up the tree to return for it with her cubs. Sure enough we identified a leopard moving through the grass towards the tree. Initially she was reluctant to climb the tree because of our presence. However, eventually she climbed the tree and carried it down to her waiting cubs. They quickly carried the gazelle further away to eat in solitude. Fortunately we were close enough that everybody had excellent pictures of the event.

George Shortle and Family
Santa Barbara, California
July 2012

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