Pat Mraz

Lynn, Our trip to the Serengeti this month exceeded all our expectations. The Africa Dream staff was everything you told us they would be and more. Charles in Arusha was ” johnny on the spot” wanting to provide only top notch service. Charles took us to the cultural center where there was a guide who walked us thru the art providing background to many of the artists and artifacts.

Once we got into the Serengeti our guide Wilfred was phenomenal. He was so knowledgeable and kind. I have never had better service in all of my travels. He adjusted the schedule to make the most of our game viewing. We would tell Wilfred the animals we wanted to see that day and sure enough he would find them! I have spoken to other friends that have gone on Safari but none have seen all that we did. We saw every animal there is to see. I have attached a few of my favorite photos. We had lunch with cheetahs; saw wildebeest migration and more….

Pat Mraz
Redondo Beach, California
April 2012

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