Andy & Kathi Stropkai

First of all I would like to thank the ADS team for all their time and help, they put the “P” in professional. After about a year and a half of planning and contact with Dawn we were here, and dreaming about it cannot bring to reality the anticipation and excitement of actually being on the Serengeti.

We were treated to the wildlife even before we landed as giraffe’s we grazing on tree tops just under our plane as we were landing. Within minutes of starting our safari we had encountered Lions and Leopards already at this point we knew we were in for a great journey. Our guide Peter was outstanding within minutes of leaving we were already laughing and having a good time. His knowledge of the wildlife and habits of the animals is incredible not only was this a safari, but it was an informal classroom as we soaked up Peters knowledge.

Our first day was beyond belief but it was only going to get better from there, from being charged by a massive bull elephant to having Lions walk down rubbing the side of our vehicle and crawl underneath for shade from the hot afternoon sun. The babies playing with their mothers to the thousands of wildebeest for as far as you could see in all directions.

The balloon ride which started at sunrise, skimming across the tall grasses and then shooting up to 1400 ft. to have spectacular views of the sunrise and the landscape from a vantage point that is unforgettable. We had wanted to visit an authentic Maasai tribe as our guide and now friend took us across miles of uncharted land out past the moving sand dunes and the Nasera rock to an unspoiled Maasai tribe, they welcomed us in, they danced for us and traded jewelry and personal items with us.

As we traveled across the plains we were treated to excellent accommodations at night where we were able to talk to others about their experiences. The encounters and the experiences we had will last in our memories even more than a life time if that is even possible. The safari and the people that we came into contact with far surpassed our expectations thank you ADS as in my opinion there is none better.


Andy and Kathi Stropkai
Roseville, California
March 2012

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