Quote of the Week: Leah Gluskoter and Family

We returned home from our Africa Dream Safari just about one month ago, but the glow has been very slow to subside. Our expectations were exceeded in all regards. We were a party of five, two grandparents, two parents, and an eight year old grandson. From the perspective of the grandparents, seeing Tanzania through the eyes of our grandson was an experience to be treasured – forever.

The safari was truly a trip of a lifetime, a unique experience. We were most happy with all the tented camps and lodges where we stayed. However, our two day stay over Christmas at Buffalo Springs in the Northern Serengeti was most memorable. The management and staff there were especially kind and provided us with genuine warmth as well as great service.

Perhaps the single most important factor in our enjoyment of the trip, was our interaction with our driver/guide. He immediately grasped just what it was that we hoped to accomplish during the safari, including photographing at both dawn and dusk and made sure that it happened. He was patient, concerned as to our comfort and safety, and most knowledgeable as to the identity of all things animal and vegetable. He was also terrific at spotting flora and fauna. It gave us great personal satisfaction if one of our party spotted some animal or bird before he did. It did not happen often.

As far as animal encounters, we were thrilled to experience a two week old lion cub who walked under our vehicle, a leopard finishing breakfast just adjacent to the vehicle, and a herd of cape buffalo chasing four lions away from a recent kill of one of the herd. Those were in addition to all the other thousands: probably tens of thousands of other animals including ,elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, cheetahs, kudu, and many others. I left out zebras, wildebeests, and impala although there were more of those than all other species combined.

Attached are several photos taken on our trip and a book of photographs has been produced and is available on http://www.blurb.com/books/1941215 It can be viewed on that web site. If you do look at it be sure to open the full page view.

Leah Gluskoter and Family
December 2010

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