Quote of the Week: Joyce Mitchell

Life begins at 70. What better way to celebrate than to go on African Safari, something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. Africa Dream Safaris fit into our lives perfectly. You said you would give us an experience tailored to our tastes and you did.

Everyday was a new adventure and as free from the maddening crowds as possible. Our guide said if we were willing to get up early, we could drive far enough to avoid the safari companies who didn’t stray far from the lodges. We had many personal and private encounters with the beautiful country and its exotic animals. We became educated daily because our guide was so knowledgeable.

One of our exceptional experiences was during a lunch stop. We were sitting among the trees overlooking a huge expanse of land. There were many elephants within about a half mile of us. We watched as one elephant family came toward us and then wandered off in another direction. Then came another group who went to the side and behind us toward the river. Several other elephant families went in other directions. The last group was headed across to the left of us, then changed and crossed to the right within 20 yards of us. Our guide said to be very still and very quiet and be ready to head for the truck of need be. As long as we respected the elephants’ space, they passed peacefully. Seeing them free and able to choose their own path was so wonderful.

Later in the day we watched a pride of young lions playing after they’d eaten. Two were rolling around when along came another, awkwardly falling on top of the other two, playing like kittens.

One day we watch four female lions as they stalked some zebras. It was as if they had strategized ahead of time. We observed them for about and hour and a half…one establishing her position, the next lion separately establishing her spot, the third independently finding her spot and then the fourth. Only one lion moved at a time. It was so fascinating.

Joyce Mitchell
November 2010

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