Our Third Safari with ADS!

It was our third Safari adventure with Africa Dreams Safaris, and it was all the excitement and adventure that we had hoped for. Once again ADS worked many hours with me to ensure our trip requirements were completely understood, as nature photography was one of the key elements of our trip to the Serengeti. Our May Safari this year was just as memorable as it was 4 years ago, and even more so when it came to crossing paths with the Wildebeest migration. I really wanted to add great leopard photos to my portfolio too, and I was not disappointed with the outcome. From the first steps off the plane in Kilimanjaro International, to our sad departure day, ADS did not skip a beat.

The lodges were once again top notch, but my wife and I both agreed, the ADS Private Tent was the hi-light. Our tent was located in the middle of the Serengeti, where we were surrounded by Wildebeest, Zebra and Giraffe. We had a Hyena friend who camped with us and “sung” to us all night long. A truly marvelous serenade. The migration came right to us and we were truly overwhelmed by the sheer number of Wildebeest, well into the hundreds of thousands. They were so densely packed you could have walked across them for miles, with your feet never touching the ground. Predation abounded, from numerous Cheetah hunts and kills, to Crocodile attacks on the ever unsuspecting Wildebeest.

Our Guide ensured we were on the game road everyday pre-sunrise, to catch the best of the morning sun light. And we stayed out to the last possible moments to witness the Serengeti’s picture perfect sunsets.

ADS is only bested by Mother Nature, and it’s truly a Serengeti combination which cannot be equalled. We are already planning our next Safari adventure with ADS. Thank you again so very much!

To view more pictures from Peter and Jody’s safari, please visit http://www.safariinpixels.com/.

Peter & Jody A.
May 2011

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