Quote of the Week: JoAnn MoragneEl

What an absolutely amazing adventure I had with Africa Dream Safaris! Everything about the trip was beyond Fantastic.

As an avid fan of Discovery Channel I had definite ideas of the kinds of animals I wanted to see as well as what they would be doing. Each of us was asked what animals we wanted to see by our guide. My request was for lions. Then I saw a breathtaking male lion the very next day. Then I said I wanted to see a whole pride. The next day I saw a small pride. Then I said I wanted to see a lion take down his dinner. The next day I saw a male lion eating his prey. We day after that I saw a large pride feasting on a wildebeest! If I didn’t know better I would think that ADS people went out the night before, planted the animals and waited for their safari clients to see them the next morning! Without a doubt, we had the best guides in the universe.

What was even more impressive than their vast knowledge about the animals and their habitat, was their amazing abnormal eyesight-which was way past 20/20. I was with a group of seven other friends, split between 2 vehicles. It didn’t matter which vehicle we were in because both guides were knowledgeable about the plants and animals that we saw. One minute we’d be driving along and then the driver would stop and tell us to look in a particular direction for an animal. It would take us 10 minutes fiddling with our binoculars to find what he’d found with the naked eye. I’m already looking forward to a return visit because my first visit was UNFORGETTABLE! The company AFRICA DREAM SAFARI was most assuredly aptly named.

JoAnn MoragneEl
April 2011

A graceful giraffe gliding through the Seronera River Valley.


A majestic male lion surveying his domain.


A young cheetah that was curious enough about his audience to jump onto the bonnet of the vehicle to check them out and say hello!

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