Tracey’s Green Season Safari

I have been home for a while now and the imprint of Tanzania is still vividly etched in my mind’s eye. From the moment we touched down at Kilimanjaro International Airport to the time we departed, ADS was with us all the way. From the caring and helpful ground crew, to the luxurious lodging, and most of all to our fantastic and absolutely best guides, JP and Angelbert, the trip was a dream come true.

JP and Angelbert have to be the top guides. They were charming, funny, and very patient with our “extra” large group. Their expert knowledge of the animals, birds, plant life, and Tanzanian history provided us with a complete view of their country. Their passion for their homeland was contagious.

When I set out on this adventure I had hoped to see a few animals in the wild. Such as a few lions, elephants, and maybe a hippo or two…but what I did see was truly unbelievable. I saw lions sleeping, relaxing in the shade, caring for young, and feasting, elephants galore from mamas to babies and lone males wandering the crater, hippos at the pool and running through our breakfast camp that added a bit of unexpected excitement. Standing in the middle of the wildebeest migration was a thrill worth doing twice and watching a mother cheetah “teach” her three cubs to hunt and then relax under and on our jeep is indescribable. The final thrill with the animals was our chance encounter with a lone male elephant in the Ngorongoro Crater. He came up over the hill, ears flapping, and walking at full speed toward us. He came close enough to touch as he passed by our jeep.

I would love to someday return to Tanzania for another ADS safari, but if I am not able I know I had THE trip of a lifetime. Many thanks to my traveling companions (the Aviano Gang), JP, Angelbert, and ADS!

Tracey A. Medeiros
April 2012

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