Quote of the Week: Scott Kasden

I spent over eight months researching my trip of a lifetime, and decided upon ADS. Why? Service. From the first contact with my safari organizer until I was brought back to Kilimanjaro, my son and I were treated like royalty. ADS listened to what I wanted out of the safari, and arranged our personal experience to make it happen.

The most important thing was safety. I was concerned by the unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa, but that was a world away. Tanzania was safe, the people were lovely, and worked hard to ensure our happiness. The work ethic and professionalism of the Tanzanian people is amazing, and they were a pleasure to get to know.

Our lodges (tent and fixed structures) were wonderful. They were unique, comfortable, and a pleasure. As good as they were however, they came in a distant second to our classic camping experience. It was wonderful to be the only people within miles, camping in the Serengeti. On our second day we discovered that a pride of lions was staying less than a half mile away! We had private cooks, and shared gourmet meals in complete style and comfort.

But we went to Tanzania for the safari, and that was the best part of all. The roads are rugged, but our Range rover was more than capable. The slide back top provided wonderful access so that I could capture some amazing photos (over 4 thousand, so be sure to bring a portable back up drive/card reader). The vehicle was comfortable and roomy.

We were told that our guide would soon become our best friend. I must tell you, that we spent almost every day from before dawn until the last fading light of the evening with him, and he indeed was our companion and best friend. He worked tirelessly to not only take us to the most remote places to find interesting animals/places, he was a virtual encyclopedia of information. He brought field guides to help with the rare fact that he did not know. He took pride in his professionalism and his country. We miss him.

When I talk to friends about my experience, they always ask me what was the best part. Of course we loved the animals, the landscape, the people, and our guide. If I had to say one thing, it would be that every day there was a new adventure, something exciting at every turn. Some days we would be out for hours without seeing another human, and we enjoyed these experiences all to ourselves. It just couldn’t get any better.

Scott Kasden
March 2011

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