Quote of the Week: Jim Childress and Barbara Payne

From the dramatic migration of the wildebeests and zebras, to a cheetah running down a Thomson’s Gazelle, a leopard high in an acacia tree with her cub, a herd of topis chasing a caracal into a kopje, and an amazing natural parade of the grazers and predators of the Serengeti, our trip was fabulous. With our guide’s help, particularly with his willingness to make it a priority, we were also able to identify 240 species of birds. He taught us to say, “ndege tu”, so that when other guides would ask what we were looking at, we could say “only birds” in Swahili.

ADS did a great job of both making it easy for us to negotiate the details of travel in Tanzania and of delivering a trip that was personalized to our tastes. The private luxury camping was a highlight, and the sound of three lions roaring through the night all around our campsite is something we will not soon forget.

Jim Childress and Barbara Payne
February 2011

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  1. Jamie says:

    Hi, do you know where you saw the Caracal in the Serengeti? Thanks

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