Quote of the Week: Deyanne & Bill Nesh

Well, unfortunately, we’re back in the States and have adjusted to the time change.  I say ‘unfortunately’ because we had such a wonderful time on our safari that we didn’t want it to end.  Prior to booking this trip, I had done all my research (for months) and decided to use Africa Dream Safaris.  Three of my friends also wanted to join us on this trip.  They put down their money on my say so alone.  I did feel a little pressure.  I read all the testimonials sent before our safari and loved them.  But they almost sounded too good to be true.  I was only hoping that our trip would be half as good as all the ones I was reading about.  Well, I needn’t have worried.

This was one of the most amazing trips we had been on.  And I don’t say that lightly, as we have done some extensive travel to many remote areas of the world.  I feel like I’m just repeating what all the other testimonials have said before, but it’s all true.  Our guide was incredible.  We saw the big five plus more animals than I can name.  Just when we thought there was nothing left to see, there was.  Every day brought a new experiences, new animals, new adventures!

In the Crater, our guide kept us away from all the other jeeps, while still finding all the animals.  We were the only jeep on the road, when two Black Rhinos crossed the road right in front of us!  We saw a pride of lions, cubs, single male lions, the elusive leopard, cheetahs so close you could touch them (but, of course, we didn’t), baboons everywhere, serval cats, hyenas coming out of their den with babies.  The list goes on and on.

Besides all the animals, our guide took great care of us, doing everything he could to make our trip the trip of a lifetime.  A highlight for me was the Private Luxury Camp.  The crew there was sensational!  We loved hearing the lions and hyenas at night as we slept in our tents, to say nothing of being woken up with a fresh cup of hot tea and coffee in bed.  The food was incredible and we loved the entire experience.  The entire trip, start to finish, was better than we ever could have hoped for.

I can’t thank you and your entire staff for giving us such wonderful memories!  You know without a doubt the trip was incredible when our three friends, who came on this safari with us, are talking about going on another safari with other interested people, and, of course, using Africa Dream Safaris.  Why mess with perfection!  Our sincere thank you to everyone who made our trip a dream come true!

Deyanne and Bill Nesh
February 2011

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