Quote of the Week: Essie and Gary Casper

I really do not know where to start. Our exciting safari started from the moment we stepped off the small plane at the “Seronera Air strip”. We were met by our drive and guide who showed us the way to our magic carpet. Within ten minutes of leaving the air strip, our guide pointed out a leopard pulling an antelope into a tree (see figure 7157). At that point I had not taken out the cameras yet. So the only pictures I took were after the leopard had the kill up in the tree. After leaving the leopard to rest and eat its lunch, we rode about five miles further and our guide point out a young male lion finishing off a wildebeest, with seven to eight hyenas in waiting (see figure 7471). It is very hard to kick out three or four of our best photos. One of the photos I like best really does not show much action, but figure 7832 was taken of an elephant in the wild. However, I know there was not a bridge within miles of us, but yet the sign was there! The picture of the Serengeti says it all. In figure 7847, you see elephants, wildebeest, zebra, and baboons.


My wife and I were very pleased with the food and service at each of the places that we spent the evening. Really it was beyond our expectations! Again our driver and guide was outstanding. Our guide proved the old saying about eating carrots, he must have eaten six to seven each day when he was young. Our guide was able to point out game that I had a hard time seeing through the camera zoom lens. Our only regret was that we did not do this sooner. We were within six feet of wild elephants. No zoo bars or ditches between us and them. At no time did we feel that we were in any danger, even when a male baboon came into the tent at Mbuzi Mawe Tented Lodge. I just shouted at him and he departed the same way he came in. This was also true when a young male lion walked right up to our land cruiser and laid down in the shade behind the cruiser.

We would recommend anyone who is thinking about doing such a trip to use your company.

Essie and Gary Casper
November 2010

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