Quote of the Week: Pam North, Renee North and Amie Jew

We feel so very fortunate to have chosen Africa Dream Safaris as our travel company. From the moment we got off the plane till we left we were taken care of.

In Arusha, we chose to spend an extra day acclimating to the time change and relaxing before our adventure began. We wouldn’t have thought of doing so if our ADS Agent had not suggested it. It was a much needed respite from the long flight over. Our accommodations were absolutely perfect. The Mountain Village Lodge provided a tranquil atmosphere and allowed us to get a good nights rest before heading out into the Serengeti.

I can’t say enough about how great our Guide was to us. So knowledgeable. So patient. So Kind. So friendly. So accommodating. There was not one request he would not fulfill for us. If we wanted to spend more time at one place we would (we spent three hours one day watching a Leopard lay next to her kill and hoping she would take it up into the tree – which she didn’t but we spent three hours watching her). Our Guide has great respect for Africa and an integrity that you did not see in other drivers with other safari companies. We appreciated his character and felt very fortunate to have him with us. He showed us a side of Africa we probably would have missed if he had not been with us.

Our accommodations were everything we hoped they would be and something for everyone. We did a mix of lodges and tents and that was perfect for us (once again, at the suggestion of our agent). One night a Cape Buffalo came next to our tent while we were sleeping. You could hear it pulling the grass from the dirt, chewing, swallowing and then breathing heavily. I felt like I was living a moment from Jurassic Park. My mother had never traveled outside the USA before so we were concerned the accommodations might be too rustic for her. Not so. She absolutely enjoyed each place we stayed and raved about how nice everything was. (If my mom can ʻdoʼ Africa then everyone can. Trust me on this one!)

Being in Africa and seeing all the other safari tour companies made us appreciate Africa Dream Safaris. We were on no time table – like other companies. We were our own private vehicle and didn’t have to jockey for seating. We could go where we wanted, when we wanted and how we wanted (you have no idea how much of a comfort this is till you are in Africa.). There is a respect Africa Dream Safaris has for the land, the people and the environment you did not see with other travel companies.

Regarding the photos: The first – we came across these lion cubs (three of them) in a tree. Their mother is up higher in the tree. This cub seemed to be quite content to stay in the ‘V’ of the tree. So cute. I even got video of them trying to navigate the branches. Our Guide said they were about 3-6 months old. The 2nd photo – and you might have to really look is of two leopards – one in the tree, the other down on the ground with an elephant in the background. Our Guide said it was very unusual to see two leopards together. We saw, in total, 7 Leopards on our safari. The third – self explanatory…a mother and her elephant.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Africa Dream Safaris was to us but you’ll know exactly what I am talking about when you travel with ADS and experience first hand the fabulous service, attention to detail and care they put in to making your journey a once-in-a-lifetime memorable adventure.

Pam North, Renee North and Amie Jew
November 2010

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