Quote of the Week: Christine & Robin Cadiz

It’s tough to even begin to describe the magic of Tanzania and the Serengeti plains. We are by no means morning people, but it was well worth it to wake up before dawn each day to watch the sunrise over the plains during early morning game drives. Everywhere, we were surrounded by breathtaking views. A herd of zebras sprinting across the plains, a family of elephants easily tearing down a feast of trees, a lioness and her six cubs playing at dusk, a cheetah slowly stalking a gazelle, a hyena dragging a wildebeest carcass away from vultures, hippos play-fighting in a pond, a leopard napping in an acacia tree, a pride with twelve lions peeping their heads up through the tall grass, and the elusive black rhino walking in the distance were just some of the incredible moments of our honeymoon safari.

Our safari with ADS was a truly unique experience; we could not have asked for a more special honeymoon. We really appreciated our guide Joshua, who was extremely knowledgeable and taught us so much. Both of us are biologists and learned a great deal from him. Momentarily, we thought about how awesome it would be to move to Tanzania to enroll in the field studies at the college he attended. We saw even more than we’d hoped for and were able to get up close to observe animals engaging in their daily activities – things that may have been routine for them but fascinating and dramatic to us. We were happy just to watch them do what they normally do.

The entire safari experience was wonderful from start to finish. Serengeti Migration Camp is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever stayed and private camping in the bush was definitely a highlight of our travels. What a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon!

Christine & Robin Cadiz
July 2010

A herd of zebra quenching their thirst at a water hole.


A pride of 12 lions resting in the grass (can you count all twelve?)


Two baboons taking comfort in each other’s company.

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