Quote of the Week: Sue Dougherty and Family

The Serengeti was my favorite. On one days drive in the Serengeti we saw everything from cheetah, lions on a kill, leaping gazelles, a leopard kill in a tree, the Great migration AND a Mara River crossing! It was because our guide knew what he was looking for and when to be inconspicuous that we got to experience that one. We had watched the wildebeest go to the rivers edge and balk back and forth for some time, then spotted another group with similar behavior. Our guide drove the Safari truck behind a tree, hiding us, but directly across from where the animals were “testing the waters”. We then heard the first splashes and drove over to the edge and witnessed the amazing river crossing right in front of us…It was spectacular!!!

All in all it was indeed the trip of a lifetime and I am still digesting it all…my main purpose was to see and experience the animals and the perfection of balance that exists in the Serengeti… that was accomplished without question… my experience filled my soul and was so amazing to share with my kids and husband…we will have a lifetime of fabulous memories….and an appreciation of some simple things… the day after we got home, my daughter said that when she filled her water bottle with our lovely Oregon tap water, she smiled, knowing we have clean water to drink… so mission accomplished here in a life lesson for the kids of how basics are simple to us, but not to much of the rest of the world.

Sue Dougherty and Family
August 2010

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